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  1. ok here is my thc worm story. first i have never heard of such a thing until i joined this forum, but the other day i went to help a friend check to see if it was harvest time. i brought over my mini microscope and as i was looking at what looked to be perfectly healthy plants, out of 6 plants one had a few curled leaves but otherwise healthy. well i told my friend to harvest all the lower branches and give the tops another week. so after further inspection one of the branches that had the curled leafs i see at 100 times magnified on the little red hairs there were tiny little worms they were so small that under the scope you had to focus on a hair to see them. other than the few curled leaves no damage can be seen from the worm. to me it seemed that they hung out on the hairs eating thc or whatever. without the scope you would never know they existed. i would post a pic but i cant take that small of picture. any one know these worms.
    there is a leaf curling bug that can be found in some trees and such but i don't know is thats what these are
  2. well do you think they coulda ben trichomes lol
  3. Were these worms stationary or moving? If they weren't, it could be something else that looks like a worm. I haven't heard of any worms/pests that are that small. If they are truly some type of worm, it doesn't sound like they could cause much of a problem. A possible solution could be to spray them with on of the Safer brand insecticidal soaps. Its kinda risky near the end of flowering, and you shouldn't spray the bud itself, but maybe it would help get rid of them. But, if they aren't causing a noticeable problem with growth or bud deformity them I would let them be.
  4. they move just like any other worm but they are freakin small so small i saw four of them on one hair. i will look up leaf curler bugs to see if thats what they are but either way things that small cant do that much damage unless they breed like mites.
    i have grown for 15 or more years non professional meaning small grows and have never seen shit like this until last week
    you could fit 3-4 on one tricome
  5. sup guys. wanted to show everyone the infamous thc worm does exist...


  6. YEAH!!! That little bastard was eating my grass also!! I caught him in the act... so I put him in a bit of alcohol, but that's all dried up and so is he. You can still tell what it is though thanks to some fine camera skills. ;) He is on the bottom of a film container for some perspective on its size.

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  7. Thats nasty man!
  8. Well, I suppose it would be nasty if the bud that I found him in was a stinky, moldy ass bud, but that's just not the case.I don't know about the other guy, but the one I found him in was a perfectly normal looking bud. I was pretty surprised because it wasn't discolored or anything of the sort. I've smoked more grass than I can imagine and I've only ever seen the one. I'm into science and biology so I saved it. This is the first time I have heard of someone else finding one also.
  9. I suppose if it doesn't make the bud look funky, you might have smoked more than a few without knowing before seeing this one.
  10. Yea i have found 6 or 7 worms so far this past year.. there no bigger then the length of a penny. Just put them on the top of your bowl and enjoy. :):smoking:
  11. I wouldn't doubt it.
  12. Toss that in my tequila...

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