THC, what does it do for the plant itself?

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  1. Why does the marijuana plant produce marijuana. What biological purpose does it serve for the plant itself? Is it a direct manufacture of the plant or a bioproduct of another process or manufacture?
  2. I believe its a direct product of the plant. Its used in the breeding process. When a plant flowers and then becomes pollinated, i uses all of its stored thc to produce seeds. Thats why having males close to your fems is a no no.
  3. Because that's the way God made it! And its a sin to attempt to destroy one of God's most precious creations.

    And now for the serious answer: What Nubbin said.

  4. Were you buzzed by chance.......?


    Marijuana...."j" inserted by congress to enhance racial connection to cannabis,,concerning latino, mexicans...

    Now....cannabis is said to produce thc potential resins to assist in deflection of harmful Solar UV rays,,,...

  5. I think he meant least thats what I was thinking when I wrote my reply.

    Actually, the origional term marihuana was a word coined by the media mogul William Randolph Hearst due to its more "Mexican sound" than the origional true slang term used by Mexicans which was Cáñamo. He hated mexicans with a passion, and it was later discovered his racist views of them most likely stemmed from the fact that he was one of the last foreign owners of land in Mexico before the country changed its constitution. The rebel Pancho Villa and his soldiers raided and retook William R. Hearst's 800,000 acres of prime mexican timberland by force, which royally pissed him off.
    Another fun fact: During the opium act of 19(36?39?), the hearings held to decide whether to outlaw the drug were based mainly on propoganda taken straight from WRH's newspapers. One Article went so far as to claim that the only use for opium was by Chinese laborers who used it to enslave white women...without a doubt, opium was outlawed....The similar hearings for marijuana were also based on propoganda from this mans newspapers.

  6. That's what I use opium for. I thought everybody did to.

    Oh, I also like the pretty flowers to.
  7. I've got five drugged out whores in my basement as we speak
  8. I put alot of time into researching these topics.....

    close...but ...they used the (greek I think)word intoxicant(marihuana)to redefine hemp,as they knew nothing of it ,,so the "facts"used were pertaining to what they knew of alcohol,which is an intoxicant..Hearst is a direct reason for the "J" being placed in later on to enhance the racism connection,and fear....hello Nixon

    Hearst/Du-Pont......funded/produced............reefer carried the "h".........the 60's carried the "j"..

    And yes...they took that land yes,,that pissed him off,and fueled the "j",,,nixon hated them too...he called them blacks..turned inside a bunch of idiots...

  9. I've read it in a few books...some of them that I know off the top of my head are "The Great Book of Hemp" By rowen robinsin(sp?) and the other is "Hemp: lifeline to the future". I just went and checked those two, and one says he *introduced* mariHuana(with an H) and the other says he *created* the word mariJuana (with a J in the 30's). So theres more to the story Im thinking. I dont doubt you know what you're talking about ndica, but I just have well over 100 books pertaining to drugs and I've been reading mixed messages on this subject i believe.
  10. I don't doubt at all that the books are different in their interpretations...Welcome to that intended confusion..been sorting through it for many,many of it can be sorted via the timeline of historical events,,that are not directly related to cannabis..but so easily tie together...Hearst has an awful lot of bad dealings in his portfolio,,hooked directly to congressional influence,and money...

    Read "the emporer wears no clothes" interesting..

    Read things from the library of congress...very enlightening.

    Hard to dispute recorded congressional have to search alot of places,,but the real stories/facts are there...

    check out ,,,,,,or of reading for the interested...

    learn all you can.......pass that knowledge on....

  11. NAHHH...Hearst wasn't THAT bad..once you get past the whole incedent of starting the spanish american war single handedly and all....big deal...nobody's perfect

    Yeah Ive got the emperor wears no clothes...Actually Jack Herer is a close family friend of mine. He was even my Technical Advisor when I did my senior thesis on the benefits of legalising the cultivation of industrial hemp. great guy
  12. it makes the plant more appealing to us!

  13. you're my hero.
  14. of course Im your hero phil...whos hero arent i?

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