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Thc waste in a joint :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by padams868, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Is there really this much waste? I mean only 23% get's to your lungs? :O

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    Yes it really does waste that much, you get around 25-30% from a joint, if you want to conserve your weed I suggest buying a vaporizer, it heats up the weed without bringing it to the point of combustion, allowing more THC to be released, I read somewhere that it gives you about 90%. Although, nothing beats smoking a smooth joint with a couple of friends :)
  3. Joints are great but this is why I really only smoke them when I have copious amounts of bud to burn through
  4. why do people feel the need to attach random numbers to things? joints waste more but i don't know about all these numbers that people get somehow from somewhere..

  5. i always thought it was just common knowledge to be able to tell the exact percentages of your marijuana youre consuming by just 'eyeing it out'.
  6. Do some research on the subject, but those numbers are pretty close. Glass is a little more efficient as it isn't burning when you're not hitting it.

    Vaping is even more efficient. You'll be surprised how high you can get off .05-.1 in a vape, where a joint would take almost triple that.
  7. yes, joints are a fat waste. they're fun to smoke but i'll only roll up if I'm rolling in herb or have shitty weed (which is almost never). but sometimes when i'm dry i'll roll up my vaped weed but god that tastes awful..

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