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Thc vials and viscosity

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Highfee247, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I have been smoking for probably 15 years and this past year or 2 I have been getting into the thc vials. Most of them have had a fairly good thickness to them but one recent vial I got is extremely liquidy. Like a very watered down syrup. My question is, I feel as tho when it is that "watered down", it obviously has to be "cut" with something being added to it. Does it not? It smells and tastes mostly like bud. But the viscosity concerns me.
  2. When you say thc vials, do you mean cartridges that screw onto a battery? Generally if one is very liquidy it is probably cut with PG/VG/MCT oil, or terpenes
  3. Yes it is a 510threaded vial that screws onto a battery. It does state no pg or vg in it. I just assumed they used something else. Maybe mct. If I tilt it upside down, the bubble is immediately at the other side if that gives an idea. Probably will use this one but won't be getting anymore of this type.
  4. Any idea what brand and did you get it from a dispensary? A lot of cartridges can be knockoffs
  5. Any idea what brand and did you get it from a dispensary? A lot of cartridges can be knockoffs
  6. It's the gold connect and no I didn't. Yeah, and unfortunately I am not sure which are and which are not knockoffs.
  7. Yeah I have entirely stopped trusting any cartridges unless they are from a dispensary I know, way too may knockoffs floating around
  8. Yeah, I still got some and I'll get around to them if I have nothing else left but some of them are pretty suspect that I think I'm gonna just accept a loss on and not smoke. Some have gotten me blazed though. Real or not. I had one in particular, it had to be synthetic or something. I've never been so scary high before off an 8 second hit. Not since I very first started smoking. I forgot how to do things. My friend hit it after that, same thing. Started calling it a vial of Raid after that lol.

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