thc vape oil question?

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  1. So a friend wants to buy some wax liquidizer and wax to be making some thc oil to put into one of those vape cartridges. He wants me to pitch in for the liquidizer and hell give me one or two cartridges filled with oil cause hes buying the wax. Im completely new to concentrates and have only been smoking flower for as long as I know. Im enthusiastic about this because It would be a more discreet way to get high since I live in Texas and dont want to run the risk of my car or clothes or skin smelling like skunk. What I dont know is how potent will it be and like generally how many hits does a fuill clearomizer supply? If i know that much, I can just do the math and approximate what consistency Id be getting in each hit because like I mentioned, Ive never dabbed or smoked hash before and especially if Im outside, I dont want to run the risk of getting too high and having a panic attack or something. Ive never had a serious panic attack on weed but I just want to stay cautious because this is more concentrated Im assuming and theres no CBD to balance the THC. I know that when I get mine, id only take one hit and wait to see how the effects are before smoking more.
  2. oh they aren't that strong. in a full clearomizer you usually get around 150-200 hits. depends on how you rip it. i like it for the outside lounging or work toking. take like 5 or 6 rips and you'll be solid. like youre not gonna shit yourself or anything.
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  4. Go to a vape shop. Find your favorite flavor e juice 0 nicotine .Invest in a dripper mod .Build your own coils .Put wax on coil. Wet wick with juice and vape away. No smell with just a little but of fuss.

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