THC & Tropacocaine how to book?

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  1. THC & Tropacocaine $31.00

    made from nightshade sounds weird to me used to

    quoted from website provided above

    THC is a new miracle medication, used to treat sleep disorders
    allergies, inflammatory diseases, auto immune disorders, migraines,
    addictions, post traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, etc.

    Syntheses of THC and chemical analogs are described. Human testing are
    also included. The extraction of THC (eg. 40%, 70% and 92% THC Hash Oil)
    from cannabis is detailed. Isomerisation: a quick route from cannabidiol.

    The discovery of its endogenous ligand, anandamide (a fatty acid amide)
    has revolutionized the investigation of this new neurotransmitter
    system. Anandamides have been used in the treatment of insomnia,
    allergies and post traumatic stress disorder yet remain undeveloped.
    Anandamides will replaced THC and marijuana because of ease of
    synthesis; preparation from commonly available grocery store oils (eg.
    olive oil). Multiple reactions are explained.

    Tropacocaine was discovered as a trace alkaloid in Coca leaves from
    Java. It is longer acting and less toxic than cocaine.

    Tropacocaine is prepared from atropine obtained from nightshade plants.
    The synthesis of tropacocaine from Datura (eg. nightshade) is described
    and referenced. Reactions have been translated into English. Millions
    of Americans are addicted to cocaine and crack, yet tropacocaine has
    never been studied to assess its value as a replacement medication.
  2. imo its best to medicate as natrually as you can, and homegrown medication is the best there is or else your going back into a pharmisutical type thing that makes more money from "ease to synthisis" which in my mind means takes less longer and requires less ther for making more money.

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