THC Tincture in E-Cigs

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    Hey you guys, my buddy and I have been working together to make ourselves some e-cigs that have cartridges filled with a tincture of THC and glycerin, and it seems like we have everything we need except weed. Since this is in general a great idea for anyone looking to get stoned and be low key about it, I've made this brief how-to guide.

    Here's what you'll need:

    1 rechargeable e-cig
    1 e-cig flavor cartridge
    28 fluid ounces of glycerin
    1 ounce of weed
    1 mason jar
    1 grinder
    1 paper clip

    Fill the mason jar with your glycerin. Then grind up your weed and put it in the mason jar. The longer you let this sit, the more THC will be absorbed into the tincture. You will get over 95% of the THC into the glycerin if you let it set for about a week. You can speed up the process by shaking up the mason jar once a day for a few minutes. After you're done, strain out the weed and toss it in the trash. Straighten out your paper clip and stick one end into the hole that the vapor comes out of. Pry the lid of the cartridge off. Inside there should be a small plastic tube with the flavoring and a bit of cotton used to absorb it. Take this out. If you have nicotine in your cartridge, you must be careful to not get any on your skin as it easily absorbs into flesh. Wash out the tube and the cotton and let it dry. When it is finished drying, fill the tube with your tincture and insert the cotton. Do not overfill it, you only want to add about 3-5 drops. Re-assemble your cartridge. Screw the cartridge into the e-cig, and you're finished! Your e-cig is ready to be smoked. The THC e-cig is a virtually foolproof way to be able to get high without anyone knowing that you're actually smoking weed. You could smoke one in front of the police and they wouldn't even think to question you.
  2. I've been looking how to do this for a while. I may try it in the future. Thanks.
  3. And, you have tested this and it works?
  4. No. But we have tested many hypotheses and dug deep quite a bit into it, and we can say that we are 96% sure that it will work.
  5. you should try it, and come back with your results, its a really cool idea but id like to hear success stories before i go using an ounce of weed for this
  6. Yeah if you have put countless hours into this why not test it out? I've heard of similar things like this and they have not worked due to the temperature of how hot the e cig gets.
  7. [quote name='"Rehab4"']Yeah if you have put countless hours into this why not test it out? I've heard of similar things like this and they have not worked due to the temperature of how hot the e cig gets.[/quote]

    How can he test it out when he has no cannabis?
  8. If you read bad kitty's thread this is discussed.
  9. [quote name='"Rehab4"']countless hours[/quote]


  10. you know 87 percent of statistics are made up on the spot?

    no but seriously I hope it works out for you man, ill be going on a plane trip sometime soon and i was thinking about trying the same thing, so good luck and hit up back with some results when you can try it.

  11. Adrian Monk, from the show Monk, makes up seemingly random percentages to say how sure he is of something often enough. I kinda picked it up from watching the show.

    Will do.

  12. Well I'm glad you're able to memorize the internet for the rest of us.
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  14. [quote name='"Dreadlocker"']i saw that fucking mouse thing late one night at a festival it was so dope what its name? he was goin nuts with the lights n music. dope shit.[/quote]

  15. I don't see why it wouldn't work...
  16. I got the glycerin (12 fluid ounces) and some bud (7 grams), but I'm wondering if I should wait until I can get an ounce and get two more glycerin bottles (that will make it 24 fluid ounces but as long as you're within the range of 28 it should be good).
  17. A small batch is fine for testing purposes just keep the same ratio. For the first try, you don't want to use an ounce and fuck something up. If it works just do it again with more.

  18. You're right, but it's gonna be harder to be able to make more money after I use it, if you catch my drift.
  19. Just my advice, from someone that is on the e-cig forums and vaporizes one every day:

    E-cigarette liquid (commonly referred to as "juice") is not just's also flavoring, nicotine, and water. If you wanted to make a "pure" THC vape, you would have to buy the liquid from an e-cig site with 0mg nicotine (commonly available online). If you simply mix it with a pre-filled e-cig cartridge, you're going to be adding (on average) 24mg of nicotine per milliliter to your THC juice. Just saying.

    Also, the best way to "vape" any liquid, THC or nicotine, is not through a cartridge. I suggest you check out the most used and reliable e-cig, made by Joye. The 510 model is basic, the eGo is the more powerful one. Regardless, most people that vape on a daily basis, like myself, tend to buy "de-bridged" atomizers and a "drip tip." This essentially means that you drip the liquid directly on to the heating element before vaporizing, with no cartridge, cotton fibers, etc. Makes for the cleanest vape.

    One more thing to consider...e-cig liquid is commonly made from two types of glycerin...propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. When people buy e-cig liquid, they usually get to choose which they prefer in the mix. Propylene glycol (PG) has less vapor production and more "throat hit", and vegetable glycerin (VG) has more vapor production and less throat it. As a result, most of the best liquid is mixed 50% PG and 50% VG. Just something you might want to think about before mixing e-cig THC juice.

    Hope it helps.
  20. Update: I added a quad of medical grade with 1.5 grams of dark brown seeds which I heard can be useful in the tincture to the glycerin, of which I used 6 fluid ounces. I might have used more but 6 was close enough to 8.5 and there a 6 in each of the bottles I have, so it's more convenient.

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