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THC Soda

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SilverSword, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know who to make or know of a link for making THC soda? Had some the other day from the dispensary and it was way dank.

    Thanks dogs.
  2. i also have been wondering how to do this, but i could not find a recipe, +reps for 1!!!!!
  3. You can extract the THC rom weed with lemon juice (citric acid) I cant think of any reason why soda would counter the effect. Go pick up a gram or two, grind it as fine as you can, then put it in a small container and only just cover it with lemon juice. After a couple hours, I'd do overnight, strain out the plant matter then add your brew to a glass of soda. I've never done this and i cant promise it will work but hey, go for it :D
  4. goomba, that is a great idea. You could even just gulp it down and be done with it.
  5. that does sound really good... id like to hear if that works :smoke:
  6. Damn I hope that would work Lol But if that shits lemon I probably wouldnt put it in soda
  7. you could put it in sprite.. or any other lemon lime soda
  8. Or.. mix it with some instant lemonade mix.
  9. or freeze it in ice cube trays and make weed-sicles.. so its a thc popsicle haha
  10. Anybody know how effective extraction into lemon juice is vs. extraction into butter?

    This seems less messy, easier, and less time consuming.

  11. There are so many good ideas in this thread. I need to pick up a half oz of middies for cooking purposes.
  12. i know haha the possibilites are endless!!

  13. When my friends and I made brownies, we all licked the bowl of brownie mix that had a nice batch of cannabutter in it, I started feeling high right when the brownies got done :p
  14. let me know how them lemon shit works..
  15. this could be awesome....especially with a concentrate (more effect/less weed taste).

    im curious about the citric acid now.
  16. this could be awesome....especially with a concentrate (more effect/less weed taste).

    im curious about the citric acid now.
  17. Really interested to hear if this works. Anyone tried this yet?
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    We use glycerin tincture and citric extracts for wine, mead/beer, soda, tea, juice, certain edibles, and so on... :) Tutorial in the CannaPharm sticky, I strongly recommend using lecithin to promote bioavailability in your citric extracts.

    (example of canna wine fermenting)

    (example of citric acid breaking down and dissolving hash, almost immediately after blending)

    (example of citric hash in various stages of process, the jar containing the heated and finished product)

    (example of a glowing canna pop/soda)

    (example of canna cocoa, with glycerin tincture)
  19. Well, I wouldn't go putting my bud in the microwave! I don't know where the rumor came from that it's a good idea, but it comes up MUCH too often. :p

    If you're going to decarb, which you should especially for dragons, then use the oven.. we've had multiple members here watch their bud burst into flames when trying to decarb in the microwave, all within a matter of seconds. Microwaves are much to variable. Just use the oven.. check the stickies for instructions, the CannaPharm probably has it re-written a half dozen times on just the first page. :hello:

    Dragon also takes much longer to become as bioavailable as possible, even when heat is used, but it's a good start... after heating intermittently (shutting it off for ten minutes now and then) for about three hours at 170 f, in a loosely sealed oven-safe container, I generally let my dragons sit for at least a month, or longer, before they are as strong as they can get. Alcohol strips the glandular material from the inert plant matter relatively quickly, but takes a much longer time to become a good bioavailable solution.. when the 'swirling' texture in the alcohol stops for around the last week, and as it gains consistency, I begin to consider it just about done. Any earlier, and as your cells or tissue begin to absorb the alcohol, that tissue strains out many of your cannabinoids, and passes much of your potency down your tract without absorption! Drinking it earlier can certainly 'work', but at the cost of wasting much (up to several doses worth) of your potency.
    Heating any longer initially won't speed it up the process, it will degrade your cannabinoids, long before they can be as readily absorbed as they otherwise would be... To help speed it up during the sit, toss it in the freezer in a safe container for two or three days, it can save you up to a week or longer versus sitting at room temp. You can freeze even longer if you like, two weeks will nearly finish the process, just be sure you allow it to sit at room temp for a day or so AFTER you finish freezing. Some folks like the freeze, others prefer the room-temp (or wine cellar) temps for sitting. :smoke:

    Good luck! :wave:

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