THC Receptors:why we have them & Followup on intelligence and LD50 (yahooka import)

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  1. I originally posted these back in 2k on yahooka, and i figure i'll drag 'em over for those who wanna see 'em

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    posted August 19, 2000 10:47 PM
    Okay,,, today I was at work and I was thinking of reasons why we have THC receptors in our brains,, and why THC is so easily soluble in fats and oils. I searched for some in depth inforamtion on this and what I found is the mechanics of THC on receptor cells. From what I understand THC itself is absorbed into fats and oils in the body and bloodstream, which in turn comes in contact with the outer membrane of the receptor cells. I found the THC never really enters the receptors, but stimulates them by their presence. The cells then react to the presence of the THC and in turn the cells increase activity in the portions of the brain where THC receptors are concentrated. THC receptors also send signals to the body to develop a defensive adaptation to an
    illness called excito-toxic neuroendocrine stress response, or ENSR, which is caused by UV-B ultraviolet radiation and other sources of free-radicals in the body. I understand free-radicals have a tendency to alter, destroy, and obstruct cells' normal functions. Before the industrial revolution this was not as much of a problem, but in modern society, we are constantly being bombarded by increasing levels of chemical and radiation sources, which are primarily responsible for the creation of free-radicals in the body. Free radicals are naturally created by the sun's UV-B wavelengths, but come from many more un-natural sources. (Consider ozone depletion alone as a source for highly increased exposure to radiation)
    Other sources of creation of free-radicals include smog, chemicals in processed foods, electromagnetic fields (cell fones, computers, power lines, etc). In addition to this we are constantly being bombarded with microwave radiation from telecommunucations satellites that operate in the high megahertz to gigahertz frequencies (very similar to your microwave oven) and there is no doubt that multiplied by the amount of satellites in operation (there is more than 5000 satellites in earth orbit, and many are transmitting on thse frequencies) this can come to be a significant amout of radiation that you are exposed to day and night. THC is known to reduce the effects of symptoms of excito-toxic neuroendocrine stress response. THC effects in the symptoms are as follows:
    1.reduction of inflammation
    2.pain relief
    3.hypothermia (lowered body temperature)
    4.increased appetite
    6.dry mouth(possible mechanism to neurologically reinforce rehydratin)
    7.dry mouth
    8.tumor shrinkage
    9.alternate pathway for eye fluid pressure reduction
    10.cardiovascular changes (widening of arteries concurrent with brief heart rate increase followed by longer heart rate decrease) consistent with reversal of cardiovascular shock
    11.immune system change characterized by:
    a. mild suppression of peripheral immune cells (the type which are overexcited, then shut off in response to UV-B)

    b. enhanced production of glandular, non-peripheral immune cells

    c. cardiovascular changes (widening of arteries concurrent with brief heart rate increase followed by longer heart rate decrease)consistent with flushing increased quantities of blood through filtering lymph glands without raising blood pressure

    d. anti-bacterial and anti-viralactivity via unknown pathway

    These coincide closely with primary symptoms of radition sickness,(attributed to UV-B, ionizing radiation, or both) which are:

    1.inflammation (swelling)
    3.hyperthermia (fever)
    4.loss of appetite, nausea
    7.excessive salivation
    8.cancer of skin, salivary gland or other organs acute doses: eye fluid pressure reduction (over-use of this mechanism may lead to glaucoma); in chronic doses: pressure increase
    10.cardiovascular shock
    11.immune system failure characterized by:

    a. toxic over-excitation of peripheral immune cells

    b. auto-suppression of peripheral immunity (preventing excito-toxicity, but reducing immunity)

    c. cell death and atrophy in lymph glands

    Keep in mind that you are exposed to un-naturally high doses of radiation daily, espescially if you live in urban areas and use technology suh as computers, PDAs, cell phones, etc. These facts have been overlooked by those attempting to study the "adverse negative effects" of THC in the body, of which most results obtained are vague at best. The above effects of THC can be construed as a negative effect when not considered and balanced against the effects of ambient radiation that we are all exposed to. (virtually any change effected by a substance can be construed as negative anyway, because it is a forced state for the body). This inforamtion should be reported and made available for everyone. I found the information but only after specifically searching for it. This inforamtion should be used to strengthen the case for legalization of a chemical compound found in nature that protects us from natural radiation. When THC is exposed to UV-B while vegetating, it increses the UV-B melatonin which attaches to the THC. When the THC enters the body of virtually any mammal (including humans) the melatonon fights the effect of UV-B. Considering this information i find it very plausable that humans and marijuana co-evolved. Every species in nature fits into it's specific ecosystem and the ecosystem co-evolves to contain and hold in a balance the essential "ingredients" to that species of life. We are no different just because we have the ability to express and act upon intelligent reasoning (I think most life forms have the ability to reason, but lack the ability to express reason) and I believe that marijuana has been a dietary suppliment for mammals since their existence. This would explain why marijuana makes you high, because in order for a species to continue to utilize something so benificail, it would have to immediately have a pronounced positive effect on the user, hence the feeling of well bwing while high. If marijuana did not have a short term "reward" type feeling, there would be no effort by mammals to seek out this beneficial herb. A study needs to be performed on marijuana and how it fits into the ecosysyem, and how the restricting of it's use affects us as a species. Those who perform this study need to look at it in a standpoint of ecology, evolution, and a symbiotic balance between plant and animal in nature (yes, symbiotic, because by being an attractive plant to mammals by ingestion and other methods allow seeds to spread) and remove the element of society's petty short-term views. The questions that should be answered are:

    By restricting humankind's intake of THC, are we doing irreparable damage to our species?

    Are we removing a primary biological protectant that has been freely utilized for thousands of years?

    Do the possibility of species extinction or genetic damage/adaptation due to inadequate protection from the elements really outweigh the negiligible negative side effects of consumtion by smoking?

    Marijuana may be an essential dietary suppliment that many people are not recieving because of the self-destructive nature of civilization. There may be a very valid genetic reason we seek to consume marijuana, and I believe this should not be ignored, and that this should raise a very large "red flag" to our species. Right now, we are concentrating on short-term problems and solutions, while our survival as a species is being overlooked due to the short-sighted perception of life. We need to consider many more factors than what are currently observed short-term. Short-term in this case can be defined as a human's life span. What will future generations have to protect them from themselves? I feel that with industrialization of the world and the restriction of access to our natural habitat (our natural habitat is not the concrete jungles of Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, etc.)our species is taking a very drastic turn in evolution tht will only manifest itself after many generations. Two-hundred years is a nanosecond on the evolutionary time frame, the metaphorical equivalent to the difference in time between the time that light effects changes to your rods and cones in the eye and the time the signal reaches your nervous system. Is human evolution going to "hit a brick wall" beacuse we couldn't see it? How can we know until it happens. I would like to see this taken into serious consideration as a short-term and a long-term issue. I think there is enough evidence to propose tht marijuana not only be legalized, but to become a dietary suppliment to ensure the survival of our species. This may have phameceutical companies worried about their bottom line ($$$) in their feeble attempts to produce artificial dietary suppliments to reduce the effects of radiation on us. Should a study be even partly conclusive of what I have theorized in this writing, it could mean major implications for big business and government. Could they be responsible for a dramatic alteration of our species by their actions, and if so, what would be the implications? After considering these possibilities, could we afford, as a species, not to consume cannibis? I invite anyone with the knowledge and means to base a study on what I have theorized. I invite you to copy and distribute this writing unaltered (except for facts which I may have incorrectly stated) by any means you feel will be effective and appropriate. Recently I have been struggling to understand this complex world in which we live, and to visuaize where technoligy is dragging us. I think I can rest better knowing that I may have contributed at least a minute amount of awareness to a situation which persoanlly frightens me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    This is my original writing, I have referenced various material available on the internet to aid me in cognitively forming this theory. I am now posting this document on the message board for the first time, as I have just typed it out in the message text entry box.


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    posted October 07, 2000 10:24 PM
    This was originally posted in reply to topic "does weed make you smarter?"
    I don't believe cannibis actually makes you smarter alone, but it does teach you to utilize portions of your brain that are
    unreachable without it's effects. D9-THC dissolves in fatty acids and lipids in the bloodstream which in turn flows around all parts of the brain (hopefully) including the two known cannibinoid receptor cells, which are part of the G-protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) superfamily. the two subclasses of D9-THC receptors are known as CB1 and CB2.
    CB1 recptors are found throughout the nervous system, and CB2 receptors are found in the periphery. CB1 recptors are concentrated in the striatum, a portion of the brain that
    contains two specific types of neurons that respond to the CB1 recptors stimuation. Now there is a complex series of little understood brain chemstry that happens here that initially inhibit dopamine, stimulating by means of complex proteins the neurons located in the striatum. More doapmine
    is then released, in turn stimulating other areas of the brain local to the reactionary release of dopamine. Essentially, cannibinoids, and in particualr Delta9-Tetrahydrocannibinol stimulate areas of the brain that are not used primarily for
    conscious thought. This can be percieved as making a person smarter, but I believe that it takes the user's efforts to actually utilize these neurons. It might better be said that use of cannibis can provide an increased ability to learn how to think alternatively, outside the normal sequences of neural synapse activity. Cannibis may have the ability to allow a person to become smarter, but the idea of learning directly
    from cannibis is highly improbable. Cannibis shows you the neural roadmap, but it is up to the user to follow those roads. Stimulate your mind when you are high and learn how
    to use these neurons when not high, and it is possible to gain a new and clear cut insight into problem solving and situational perception. It is up to the user to gain intelligence and utilize portions of the mind, but cannibis can teach you how to do this. Also an interesting fact about cannibis is that D9-THC takes it's own unique chemical pathway to the CB1 receptor sites, and does not utilize chemical pathways in the opioid system. This means that cannibiniods efficiently seek a unique chemical path to the CB1 and CB2 recptor sites. This unique path does not affect the lower brain stem as
    cocaine and opiates do. This is why it is impossible to consume a quantity of cannibis that can cause an overdose. Cannbis does not directly affect breathing or heart rate, however, the heart rate is temporarily increased when dopamine is initially inhibited then released. It is important
    to note that this is not a direct effect of cannibis, but rather a reaction to chemicals that the body releases. There are many
    stimuli which cause the release of dopamine, therefore this is a natural biological reaction, and not a bodily reaction or
    rejection effort to the D9-THC itself.

  2. Wow. Very long, but I had fun reading it. I was wondering about this:

    I was kinda confused about this part. Does this mean that THC actually improves the immune system? I was interested in this because ever since the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend I've been very sick. For about a week and a half before that I hadn't smoked because my parents busted me. So I was wondering if that break from smoking may have weakened my immune system in any way?

    Also, I wanted to just say that this theory was very well written. It had a lot of information that I never knew about that has really changed my thinking about marijuana. I will definitely be passing this on to many people, both smokers and non-smokers, that I know....
  3. Sorry dude, thats too much for me. :)

  4. What that means is that if your immune system is suffering the effcets of ENSR then yes, THC does increase immune system function.
  5. wow man! i usuly don't read long things, but when they say good things about what i like i do!(what te fuck am i on about?). Anywayz its kool!

  6. as with all areas of cannabis research there has been conflicting research in respect to imune system.
    it's been a while since i was reading such reports, so forgive me if my minds a little hazey on this...
    the studies and experiments that claim to show that cannabis has the opposite effect (a long term detramental effect to imune system health) were primarily based on the assumption that due to the increase in white blood cell production and other benifits to your natural defences (inc as mentioned above) there would be a "comedown" where the body had become reliant on cannabis to help keep its selt topped up on the necessary resources for protection. My old flatmate was a keen cannabis enthusiast studying biotechnology & biochemistry, and he explained to me in great detail and length how exactly thc and other cannibinoids would be a great benifit not only short term but the good outlook for benifitial implications long term too.


    as for the whole thing about us developing and evolving in a form of simbiosis with cannabis... this is HIGHLY likely.
    this is an idea that i've had in mind for some time, but there were two things that convinced me further of the probability of this. the first came again, from my flatmate. During one of our conversations as to the nature of cannabis and all thing surrounding it, i was speaking in my particular big picture way about how if the Ozone layer were to continue to depleate at its current rate, we would loose a HUGE slice of our soya production (which is where much of the worlds population get their protien to survive and is the highest source of protien in the plant world) and how cannabis would be the only other alternative because of its resiliance to the harmfull rays that would destroy soya, and also not forgetting its high protien levels. At this, my flatmate explained to me the nature of the protien in cannabis. Unlike the protien in Soy, thats quite difficult to digest, the protiens in cannabis (8 of them if i remember correctly) are in the EXACT proportions and quantities we as humans need!!! EXACT!

    such occurances do not occur by coincidence.

    the second thing that yet further convinced me was when i discovered (through some late night nature documentary) that there are many precidents for such cooperative co-existance, unlike the previous misconception (one typical of that which we should expect from a predatory species) that nature opperates competitivly, forever fighting for resources. it was upon seeing in close detail how such cooperative existances work to benifit each other that i realised the potential and possabilities. (and it only went furhter to back up my long held philosophy that "we are one")

    anyway... thats as much as i'll write on the topic for now... my food awaits.
    shame it's not a plate of cannabis salad! ;)
  7. When you look at the complex symbiosis of other parts of nature it is truly astounding that such complex mechanisms exist. This causes me to think of the earth as a single living cosmic organism. That organism has a cancer, a disease, that makes this symbiotic relationship btween mammals and cannibis "illegal". I'm not so much pissed at the fact that i can get busted for smokin' a j, but what really tewaks my melon is the fact that current laws essentially make it illegal to fulfill a biological need, that of cannibis.

    Cannibis has been with humans throughout recored history and has been utilized by nearly every culture there ever has been. Before recordrd history archaeo and anthropologists hasve uncovered evidence of cannibis use by even the earliest humans.

    Cannibis also spread around the globe along with human migration, can and does survive nearly everywhere that humans do. This suggests that cannibis was (and still is) an important key in the survival and success of the species.

    How do we know the first "caveman" didn't discover the concept of self-awareness shortly after discovering a pretty plant with a sticky icky diggity dank prehistoric bud sittin' on top.

    There is strong evidence that suggests that cannibis in the form of hemp fiber and foods like hempseed grains have allowed directly the survival of the species and also the migration and expansion. Think about it, what better to ensure survival than a hardy crop that can be grown into trees in a matter of months, harvested, and used for food, medicine, fiber, and probably stuff we haven't even thought of that early humans relied on for survival.

    Fast forward now to 1937, when an overzealous political figure by the name of Harry Anslinger one day proposes to deem "marijuana" illegal in an attempt to dissuade mexican immigration and also as an agenda to keep control of the minorities, such as blacks, specifically the "successful" ones like a lot of the jazz musicians at the time were. It was a way to keep "them" under the govt's thumb. In the following years they proceeded to bust the cannibis users of any ethnicity, yet, at the same time the gov't paid Whitey Capitalist to grow hemp for industrial products throughout WWII. At that time it was unconstitutional to actually make a plant illegal, so they had to weasel their way around it. They created a law that says all cannibis must be taxed, and a weed tax stamp needed to be purchased. The catch is, n such stamp existed, therefore you couldn't obtain one.

    Back in 1961, the US strongly backed a UN resolution that would make it a violation of international law to legalize cannibis, and it became so. That's why it's not legal in netherlands, merely decriminalized and regulated.

    By 1970's when nixon was in office, the US began the "war on drugs" and thus ended any uncertainty about the constitutionaliity of the previous prohibition laws. Controlled substances were illegal under the new structure, and cannibis was one of them.

    It's been a very short time in the whole history of things that cannibis has been illegal.

    My point, you can't stop 300,000++ years of genetics,instinct, evolution with some bullshit laws that were originally engineered as a plan for "ethnic clenasing"
  8. You were saying, Digit, something about the essential eight proteins... I read something similar, it was talking about essential fatty acids, and that the hempseed contains the perfect balance and amount that the human body needs. This can be obtained through hempseed oil, which i think is illegal in the states. hempseed oil apparently can be used for cooking, put in smoothies, etc. My remaining question is do we get any of these proteins or fatty acids from smoking cannabis? My guess would be no, but I could be wrong. Either way, I agree with the whole Cannabis symbiosis thing all the way.

    Oh yeah, toosicks, that shit was just too sicks! I am impressed. It all sounds good in theory and I agree even with most of it. The thing that I can never get past is does weed kill braincells? And if it does, are they important ones? I think not, I mean, I hope that it doesn't kill any at all. cause that just sounds bad. KILLING your BRAINCELLS. that would kind of go against the perfect relationship theory between man and cannabis.

  9. hehe, yeah, i very much doubt we get any of that protein and nourishment of cannabis from smoking it. lol
  10. Brain cells die anyways, whether you're high or not, it has to do with aging. I'd imagine smoking weed can cause an increase in the rate of loss but that only being from the temporary displacement of oxygen while you're taking a hit, and just a slight increase.

  11. ... let them call us paranoid now! HA! not one word an exaduration of the truth and far more disturbing than any fiction ever writen!

    does anyone yet believe that we are suffering the oppression of an authoritarian system!!? how can the will of the people be internationally ilegal?
  12. The nutrirtious part of the plant is the seeds. When dehusked and boiled can be made into a porridge in simplest perparation or ground into a floury meal type consistency and used for cooking

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