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THC prevents cancer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jshnaidz, May 29, 2011.

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    THC for tumours | Cannabis Culture Magazine
    10 Pot Studies Government Wished it Had Never Funded (Studies #5-2)

    What's the catch in these articles? What are they not telling us because there is no way that something like this is illegal when it has been shown to prevent and inhibit cancer growth. If this is true would vaporizing marijuana be considered healthy since the carcinogenic materials are not combusted and almost only these active chemicals are being released?

    That's not even taking into account the mental uplifting benefits of marijuana. The mental and physical complement each other's health. Does anyone know more about these studies? Also do you consider vaporizing healthy or is that a stretch? What about edibles?
  2. Welcome to a view that is similar to a lot of people on the board....Why is marijuana illegal?
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    That's not the question I'm asking, that was a rhetorical device to emphasize my point.

  4. I think The catch is you would not be able to realize these benefits with anything close to a recreational dose. People probably read stuff like this while smoking a joint and think, I'm never gonna get cancer I'm fucking superman! Too bad its not true though:D
  5. also makes ur dick grow

  6. Yea but the doses that they gave them shrunk the tumors, in recreational doses it would make sense to be a powerful antioxidant. I mean it would explain why something with similar carcinogens as cigarettes doesn't have an increased rate of lung cancer. They counteract each other. I reaaally want to see the details of the study of what kind of doses were given.
  7. There's a documentary on "" that's titled Medical Cannabis and it's Effect on Human Health. One of the scientists explains how heavy cannabis users (only cannabis, not combined with cigarettes) got cancer on fewer occasions than the control group of non-smoking people.

    It wasn't a statistically significant difference (it happened more than five percent of the time) but the likelihood of cancer was about a standard deviation below the control group.

    That's statistically significant enough for me anyway, and one of the main reasons I ingest cannabis. I'm sure the rate of cancer would be extremely cut down if there was a study on ingesting hash oil like in the documentary Race From the Cure, and would probably show statistical significance.

    tl;dr - Watch cannabis documentaries and you'll get great explanations.
  8. Pot smoke contains carcinogens, or cancer causing agents. If you're smoking and not using a vaporizer, you're breathing in those carcinogens.

    Most of the benefits seen from weed (that we know) comes from the THC. If you're really concerned about cancer, vaping is the only way to go. Then again, there is no known link between smoking MJ alone and cancer, perhaps, again, because of the THC.

    You've got 1 life. Light it up & live it up. :smoke:
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    Actually a lot of the health qualities are from the cannabinoids not thc

  10. A lot of benefits come from CBD as well.
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    I believe we convey the same message :)

  12. Notice how I didn't mention smoke? :)

  13. right on...:smoke:

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