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THC pills

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SammySess, Oct 1, 2010.

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    I posted this in my other thread but thought it deserved its own.

    Since im not smoking.... I just made some Canna Caps LOL (THC pills) with the coconut oil i am infusing. (4 days ago i mixed some high grade bud with just enough oil to submerge the surface of my ground up bud)

    I emptied out 6 glutamine peptide capsules and put in the oil and just swallowed them alllllll! Its safe to use those right? they look like this:

    I will report back with results.

    PS: MJ has now been infusing for four days in virgin coconut oil. Lets see if this hits me hard. I hope i didnt OD :p


    This is the butter recipe i used not the oil one, go further down to see how i did it :D


    Butter when it has set, what a lovely green color!

    Reheated it in a bowl of hot/warm water so it would be easy to handle and not melt the gel caps

    Finished product :D
  2. UPDATE 2 its been 15 minutes and im already feeling a little buzzed ?!
  3. Interesting.. i want to see the results :D
  4. Ok its been around 50 minutes or so im feeling high like i had a bong hit! :D I cant tell if its going to get stronger or stay like this, i hope it gets more intense :D:D:D:D I keep burping up intense Canna oil flavor (gross i know) but that leads me to believe its still digesting?
  5. The quickest update you ever saw: IM finding it really hard to concentrate
  6. Make sure to post again when you wake up on Friday;)
    The last time I did a bunch of cannacaps I ended up riding the train around in a circle for hours...
  7. i dont know exactly how much weed i put inthe oil but it was sumthing like 3 grams to 6 - 8 tablespoons of coconut oill

    Then i put like ... im sofucking confused LOL

    I put like 8 grams of oil in a jar then i let it sit for a bit
  8. No worries, dude. You can give the recipe when you can think straight again, lol. Enjoy it while it lasts. :cool:
  9. nice..however I think it'd be better if you had taken like 3 to start and eat the other 3 once you feel the first three
  10. Hey guys, back with a report. So im coming down, the peak was pretty high but for an edible it was the quickest peak ever. about 30 minutes after i came down pretty fast to a chilled head high.. weird.

    I think since no heat was used in the oil extraction and i used it after 4 days i need to keep it in the oil to extract for longer.
  11. Write down that recipe in the mourning bro :cool: Sounds cool.
  12. This is cool dude.

    I'm so high.:smoke:
  13. hey blades!

    So last night i ate the THC pills with Coconut Oil that was infused with no heat extraction for 4 days. I consumed 6 pills, the high was there and peaked quite intensely at the 2 hour mark but there was a very quick come down which was odd to me..

    SOOOOO i decided to try a new method last night :D I just finished making a new batch of pills, only this time i used cannabutter.


    1 stick (not 1 pound) of butter
    A bit over a quarter of dank
    2 cups water
    Crock pot

    I melted the butter in the crock pot and poured my bud and water in. I let it cook while i slept (DO NOT do this with a stove.. CROCK POT ONLY.. DONT BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!) overall it was cooking for 8 hours. (I will post pics)

    I filled 11 capsules with the butter once it set in the fridge and the bottom layer (the water) was removed and butter re-melted and was then placed in an emptied out philadelphia container. I ate all 11 at 10 minutes ago. I shall post with results and pics :D
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    So i took 11 and i got nicely toasted. AND i got that nice stoned feeling which the oil ones i made didnt give me. BUTTTT im not looking to get nicely toasted. IM LOOKING TO GET UBER MEDICATED! so i just ate 20 more. ;)

    Report back later with results
  15. Good work man.
  16. GL man! that sounds like a fun idea but i would rather make food because i like to cook[​IMG]. Hope you get blazed from this little experiment:smoke:.
  17. This sounds so cool. I've never tried edibles but I would like to try it this way :D
  18. Guys im gettin blaaasted its so much better than the oil ones imade. Its giving me the full body stone not just in my head.

    Its just currently hit the 2 hour mark and i can still feel it getting higher

    peace peace peace
  19. And to concludeeeeee - this took 3 hours to kick in mBUT IM SMAAAAASHCKED - SMASHED N SMACKED I NEED TO COPYRIGHT THAT SHITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

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