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  1. I am going to be making some THC pills today and i was having a hard time finding empty gelatin pill capsules. I have tried a couple grocery stores and a rite aid and a gnc. Now i am going to go and try one more gnc in my area but if i dont find anything, does anybody have any other ideas about how to store my concoction without empty pill capsules?

    Maybe even a substitute empty pill capsules if you have any ideas?

    For those who don't know what THC pills are: you heat up some coconut oil and then put your weed in it for a while and since the coconut oil has alot of saturated fat, you will get maximum THC storage making a more potent and less volume of material compared to butter. So since there is less volume you can store the final product in empty gelatin pill capsules for proper dosage.

    I will post the link for the recipe if someone wants it.

    -Thanks GC-
  2. idk man but that sounds fucking awesome.+rep.
  3. I want the recipe
  4. holy shit that is some insane stuff I've never heard of that.... Does it make your high last longer or anything?
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    Heres the link for the recipe, there a lots of others but this one sounded like it would work the most so i went with this one. And i havn.t tried them yet but i will be making them shortly and will test them and post back to let everyone know if they worked.

    I'm assuming that its going to be the same type of high as other edible recipes.

    EDIT: ^you beat me to it, there both the same exact recipe i think
  6. Use pure kief or better yet dissolve some pure BHO into the oil; your pills will be much more potent. I made a bunch of them once when I had bronchitis and didn't want to smoke.

  7. Yeah he did

  8. I'm just going to use bud since i don't have just kief or hash but i will try those if these work out, but for now i'm just going to use bud because of the price.
  9. Hmm this is interesting.

    But i was wondering, why can you get high just eating buds but you have to heat this to convert the inactive ingredients to active? I understand you need to transfer the thc into the oil. But couldnt you just get some resin you shake off some buds and fill the capsules with that?
  10. Heating the oil during extraction is part of the process.
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    i would like the link if it hasn't already been posted

    edit: ok it has... did you find gelatin caps anywhere op?

  12. THCA is what is on the buds and you need heat it to break off the A in THCA which is a combustion reaction to make THC which is what gets you high.

  13. No i never found the caps but im making it anyway. Im just going to but the mixture into squares and wrap in saran wrap and use one square as a dose.
  14. I want thc pills!
  15. If you cant find the caps, just buy some kind of vitamin or drug in a capsule.

    Twist and pull, empty and fill.

    I parachute E this way all the time.
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    we used to make the pills alot in high shcool just for fun. your crazy for putting it just in squares like that... i recently was trying to find empty capsules for mollie powder and found them at a local headshop after checking a few places, but if i had not found the pill making kit then i would say the solution is wicked easy... just go down to wall-mart and buy cheap green tea extract or kohash or vitimin capsuls. you can get those supplements with 60 or 90 capsuls for like 20 bux, then all you have to do is open the capsuls and dump the contents out....silly. come on..think.

    i used to make those, but i say its way easier to just buy Marinol. i can can get those so easy. and its way easier and stronger then home made pills.

    edit: my bad the guy above me had you covered one step ahead of me i didnt read to the end. props.
  17. Then why can people eat buds and get high? Theres no heating process to break off the A..
  18. You CAN get high eating buds; it's just very inefficient because most of the THC is not psychoactive yet. A good portion of THC undergoes decarboxylation during drying, but not nearly all of it.

    The best 'THC pill' recipes include a heating phase while the THC is being extracted into the oil. I simmer mine in vegetable oil for a few hours before straining it.

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