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  1. Now, is the higher the percentage of THC in the seeds, mean that the weed is stronger? and what is the highest that i could buy, as a seed. Is there any percentage that never has been reached, sort-of the real one hit shit?
  2. Hey, ganjaguy

    the higher the THC content = the highter u get!
    I am not an expert at this sorta suff but i know that some indicas can get up to 20% THC.
  3. is there any weed that has like... 40% concentration:?
  4. I found a site awhile ago that showed THC percentages based on strain. Lost the address, but when I find it again I'll post it for ya.
  5. good looking out man, thanks
  6. No problem man. Should be able to find it within the next couple of hours.
  7. Try some of the strains they have list a THC content....however it would probably be dependent on how you grow it, whether the THC would be reduced.......Peace out....Sid
  8. is there anyway to enhance the THC level?
  9. don't let your grow room get too hot and humid
  10. well the way to get a high thc content is firstly pick a strain with a high contenet and put it in its purfect conditions like,
    if the strain comes from jamaca you need to immitate the jamacan conditions. chill yall,
  11. Yea smoke a bowl of kiff off some chronic, and you will be blasted off this fucking planet straight to pluto!!!
  12. whats 'kiff'?
  13. we also call all the little crysals on the buds keff
  14. Kiff is the crystals that you see on your better buds. Usually collected in a kiff box avaliable at your local head shop.

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