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  1. Hey all, I was just introduced to THC cartridges by a buddy of mine and now I’m intrigued. Do any of you have experience using THC cartridges? I saw one that was 70% THC, will that get me messed up like regular bud? How do you use them? Do they go in regular e juice vaporizers or is there something else for them? Thanks in advance!

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  2. I have used several different brands of cartridges and have stopped using them for a couple reasons.

    The cartridges just screw onto a 510 thread battery and you hit them until they are empty and toss them, that is unless they leak, the atomizer burns out, the cartridge floods or any number of things that happens often with cartridges. Also, unless you know the brand that is making the cartridge and that they are putting something quality in it, probably not the best idea. Most cartridge companies from CA failed for high levels of pesticides, so I am waiting to hear of a good, distillate only cartridge that doesn't have leakage issues. Until then I just pack my concentrates into a puffco.
  3. You think they cause cancer ?

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  4. Youll know if its really 70% because 70%+ gets you high in 2-4 hits. Vape cartridges use 510 threading vape pens. Which is the universal threading for most vape pens. There is co2 oil and distillate. Co2 oil is made using co2 machines. And distillate is made using fractional distillation.
  5. I use them if I need a quick hit but prefer flower. The oil is heated by a battery pen to a degree where the oil vaporizes. It's healthier since your not inhaling dead plant matter but it seems like a more header buzz. I like Spliffin, it advertises at +70% but lab scores are higher and it taste more like weed, you can buy them in different strains. It's more expensive to do then actual cannabis and stay away from the ones that use a wick a atomizer is better.
  6. I certainly wouldn't chance any of the ones that have knowingly tested positive for high levels of pesticides, that's for sure...I would stick with distillate only cartridges if you can find them and preferably of a reputable brand
  7. Why. No wick you mean the cartridges vs an actual tank with oil in it

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  8. Some use a wick and others use a atomizer, I like the atomizer but cheaper brands will use a wick.
  9. Hey,

    I've been using Vapeur Extract & Holy Terp to emulsify my own wax and crumble into pens and cartridges.
    Holy Terp is if you want higher potency 80%THC
    Vapeur Extract is good if you want a 50%THC
    you can check both of them out at

    Wick & ceramic wick work well for it. Other atomizers might work too but I suggest what works already.
  10. Holy crap I thought I had notifications on but apparently I didn’t so I had no clue so many of y’all replied . I decided against getting any because I couldn’t find any reputable brands around and they’re kind of expensive. Thanks for all the help!

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  11. While you are right many of the brands are not reputable, some of them are. I am not totally sure, but I believe the Amber Industries ones to be clean. They sure do taste clean.

    Another company that probably is clean is Moxie. Since they are making stuff for Nevada also that requires testing, the process is most likely the same. But really, you can never be 100% sure. Straight wax in a wax pen is stronger overall if you are going for strength.

    I should also note, if your regular weed is crackling, and its not a seed you are burning, that's a bad sign as well.
  12. EVOLVD out of oregon is great. o-pen is good but its cut with vg juice so its easier to saturate the wick. r

    i mean if its cheap its probably gonna suck. if its labeled reserve, you are over paying. pay the $60 for a full gram with a good tank and buy the refills for half price. they are great and get you really ripped but i dont ever use it as my go to smoke at home.
  13. I can't stand O Pen, those were the first I tried and loved them at first but they aren't very potent and I have had issues with both their cartridges and batteries.

    Just tried the brand Nectar Stick out of CA and easily the best cartridge I have ever tried, they are 100 % distillate, no additives like pG/VG and are really potent and flavorful.
  14. oh i agree about o pen not being the best but i bought a bunch of their craft (no additive) line and its pretty good. but i do like the original because its mild and good for the work day.

    EVOLAB is a dope one too. i was getting that in colorado and awesome. i haven't visited my brother or sister in california in a while so I'm falling behind on the trends there.
  15. Yeah there are a lot of different brands out in CA but a lot of them tested dirty for pesticides and shit, next time you visit make sure you look for a brand that says pesticide free or if you see nectar stick, just grab that. They are awesome
  16. I've noticed brands like Select and other larger companies are basically processing any and all weed they can, to pull just the THC from it and then re-adding strain specific terps back into the product so they can sell a lot more "blue dream" or whatever strain is trending at the time.

    Agree with the comments of only buying cartridges that aren't cutting with PG/VG as you are paying by the half gram or full gram and could be getting ripped off if you are buying .25 grams of oil with .25 grams of pg/vg mixed in.
  17. Bingo.

    The ones I am currently using are 600 mg which is nice a little over a half g and pure distillate with a nice atomizer, no wick. Also completely pesticide free. Absolutely loving them

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