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THC Oil overdose (when do the symptoms go away)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PrinceOfTheCity, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hey all, yesterday evening I was filling up the cartridge for my vaporizer with THC oil.... and I squeezed like 90% of the oil (of the 1 grams worth) into the cartridge but then it was full already so I guess it had 10% from before. Anyway I didn't want to waste the last few drops so the curiosity got the best of me and I basically sucked/squeezed the last few drops into my mouth around 10PM last night. felt ok, didn't feel anything from that and hit the vaporizer probably around 10 times after it. then all the sudden at like 130AM it just got out of control wayyyy too high. Started feeling dizzy, nauseated (lucky I didn't puke), and disoriented. Went straight to bed hoping to sleep it off. Woke up this morning still dizzy though not as much, a bit disoriented but not really but still nauseated. Anyways now it's been 24 hours still don't feel normal but considerably better.

    How dangerous was what I did? And how much longer until I feel normal?

    I was able to go to school today and do assignments fine, I just feel stoned/out of it still a bit. Hoping tomorrow I'm good?

    Anyone have some experience? The hash oil was supposedly 90% THC potentcy bought from the pot clubs out here in cali....

    appreciate any and all comments please!
  2. You would have to ingest many liters of oil in order to overdose on THC, it's waaaaay to hard to overdose. You're completely fine dude :smoke:
  3. Haha your just high!
  4. I wouldn't say you're at danger of toxicity, but if you pass out you might hurt yourself. You have to ingest a seriously ridiculous amount of THC to overdose. It's out of the realm of possibility even with concentrates.

    You just got too high on an oral ingestion. Takes longer to go away orally. You'll be fine.
  5. If you had enough to fill up a large bucket and submersed your head in it for in excess of 5 min, then it could be fatal.:)

  6. I think so, this stuff sent me into orbit. never been this high before that the whole next day was stoned..... jesus someone slap me lmao

    I should stop feeling stoned/nauseated tomorrow?

  7. LMFAO "Submerged" your head in it lmao!! rep worthy

  8. So basically drowning yourself :smoke: That's what you're doing. Haha.

  9. If you continue to experience nausea after 48 hours you may wish to consult your physician to rule out ear infections etc. Sometime underlying sinus issues are exacerbated by smoking and may contribute to dizziness.

  10. You just got super high and your body obviously handled it correctly by sleeping. :hello:
  11. Haha bro there's a biiiiig difference between vaping a lot of potent oil and eating the rest with I'm assuming a low tolerance and overdosing.

    You're good man, what you're feeling is the "after glow" as some call it, it's pretty much just your body readjusting to being sober as opposed to baked out of it's own skull lmao. r=Remember how potent the stuff is and how strong it is vaped as opposed to smoked next time! haha :smoke:

  12. thanks bro. It was really bad before bed last night, I slept on my side because the nausea was that bad didn't want to sleep on my back like usual in case I puked. But now its almost all gone (the nausea) so i think thats fine

  13. I think my tolerance is not that low been vaporizing every day for 3 months now but its still kinda beginner. I think i just errored by orally consuming the last bites of whatever couldn't fit into the cartridge of the vaporizer

    lesson learned.

    thank you for the pointers ppl :smoke:
  14. Ya man you just got really baked lol. Your not even high right now your just still burnt out, so you feel tired and a bit out of it which is very often mistaken for still high.

  15. yeah you right. :D
  16. to overdose you would have to ingest pounds upon pounds of thc within 14 minutes, and then its not even the thc thats killing you (well indirectly) its the thc taking up all the space in your bloodstream meaning no blood. Your fine.
  17. I know what you are talking about man. Same shit happened to me this one time. I was fresh off a one month T-break and was out in Oregon for my cousin's wedding. At the reception the best man brought out bottles of fucking 151 and tincture. Fucking A, I threw a couple too many of them back and had to hang out in the car for all of the reception and barely made it back to the hotel, at one point I lost the feeling in my legs and nearly passed out. Luckily my sister is a doctor and told me that it is probably because it throws off the inner ear balance/blood pressure/blood sugar or combination of them. The next day was similar to what you described and will go away fairly soon, your body needs time to readjust to what you just put it through. Think of it like a hangover, just usually not as bad. Happy toking dude!!! have a good one.
  18. After 24 hrs in coma like sleep we called the ambulance, she was diagnosed as being dehydrated and low level of o2 in blood ... they stabilized her and confirmed if was an overdose of cannabis oil ROS 2 grams. So for anyone not to go through this hellish situation be very careful with dosage start very small amounts. It might be true that you can not Overdose on Cannabis but you can have serious consequences such as swallowing vomit, dehydration etc. everyone be warned this is not a walk in the park this can be dangerous.
  19. lol
  20. wtf facebook (1) is reading this thread

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