THC-O, what are your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by TimJ, Jul 9, 2023.

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  1. I may be a bit old fashioned, but I've always felt that with somethings its best to leave well enough alone. I've never been into dabbing, concentrates, or isolates. I make capsules and smoke flower, never really needed much more than that.
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  3. The only extraction process I do involves heat, lecithin, and coconut oil...that's it.
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  4. I agree, when labs get involved so does the foo foo dust.
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  5. same as above old fashion, small bud in a one hitter pipe works just fine, i conclude i stepped up in life though , i use to only smoke joints , now the old finger dont work as well as they use to, thats what she said hahahah
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  6. I think it all good

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  7. I tried it.

    It just burned my throat and lungs every time I inhaled,
    and it gave me insomnia, like the Delta 8 did.

    Did not like.

    Also, it's illegal.
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  8. If it natural from a Cannabis plant yes, if its synthetic then No
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  9. It's nice to hear from someone that has tried it and their experience. Thanks @Blix.
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  10. They make it by boiling, I think, CBD or Delta 8 THC, in Sulfuric and Acetic acid.
    Then they spray it on Hemp.

    It also is suspected of being as damaging to lungs as Vitamin E Acetate.
    I'm glad I didn't like it honestly.
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  11. Growing your own for medical purpose is a legit answer to opiod dependency.
    But until decent independent studies are well done, any one (under medical condition or not) with a bit of judgement and conscience should restrain themselves for playing with fire. I am writing this from my hospital bed, with a 48h Holter and a 7 days EEG test undergoing.
    I'd take Purdue's Oxycontin before these synthetic or so-called semi synthetic novelties drugs, designed for the same reasons Purdue pushed their shit; to make money over fragile people.
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  12. i wish a speedy recovery for you mate, dont eat the food , it's healthy stuff
    joking you take care and relax mate
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  13. I agree with you @Laucass83. I wouldn't touch that stuff either. I hope they get things figured out with your heart and get you on the fast track to recover my friend.
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  14. eliquis is some high dollar stuff
    i elected to take metoprolol and amiodarone
    ive heard bad stuff on the eliquis and you cant get the generic brand for another 5 yrs, the crap is expensive , it was gonna cost me 400 a month .
    even my second heart doc didnt care for it
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