THC Nuerotixc?

Discussion in 'General' started by SHeekle, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Well, I'm hittin' the hay. I feel like an asshole for bumping this but I feel that this is a very important subject and should be further investigated before any conclusions are made. Peace our blades:)
  2. THC is nontoxic, it doesn't kill you, it doesn't kill your cells, it doesn't kill neurons. This is a bullshit anti pot argument that stems from the hippocampus being associated with short term memory.
  3. Wow, I read most of it and from the looks of it, they did some pretty fucked up shit. They used brain tissue from decapitated baby rats that were 1 day old for the test first off. Then they used several chemicals to preserve the brain tissue, and used ethanol(i.e. alcohol) as the carrier of the THC. Kinda stupid thing to do seeing as ethanol kills brain cells itself.

    Looks to me like it's just another biased anti-marijuana "study" to try and make weed look bad. Keep on toking and don't even worry about it.

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