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THC loaded cigars

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TarantulaDan, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hi ,I've recently started growing tobacco ,and have an idea for thc loaded cigars .
    I figured if i make a tincture with rum(I know this takes time,I have time) and add a little honey for taste ,then spray it on or soak the cigar in it and let it dry, it should leave the thc behind with the added flavor of the rum ,could make tiny cigars for those times you cant smoke openly . i know alo of people do not like smoking tobacco but this is an option I considered trying out for myself since i think it should go down rather well

  2. Personally I'd be scared of the alcohol that you are lighting and I don't know if there would be enough thc in the cigar. You're better off just taking the tincture normally then smoking a cigar in my opinion. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
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  3. I say go for it! All of the alcohol will be gone by the time it dries out. Sounds very tasty!Sent from my SCH-R760 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  4. hmm that sounds like it may work....and damn tasty as well wow.
  5. Go for it man, that sounds fucking sweet
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    For good tasting tobacco it would take at least i year to cure and age. If you are prepared to to wait this long then the only other thing is cigars are only suppose to be inhaled a tiny bit if that. If you hit a cigar like you would hit a joint you'll probably get sick. Although if you lightly puff on it and you used a strong tincture you'd probably catch a nice buzz but it would be bit wasteful. A cool idea tho. :smoke:  maybe if you rinsed the tobacco to remove some of the tar and nicotine like they do when they make shisha then dry it out and add your tincture let it soak and then dry it out again so you get hash-ated rinsed tobacco. id be totally stealth and would be nice and smooth depended on how much you rinsed the tobacco.
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  7. I know it might be wastefull but I'm going to make the tincture, with shake and leaves so as not to waste bud, and will use a mild tobacco that could be inhaled,still need to tweak the idea maybe cigarillos
  8. Try it with cigs and try and put thc in every element possible; ie- tobacco , paper, alcohol, and then reglaze it or some shit like that, i have "high" hopes!
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  9. no need to rinse the tobacco with the right variety and curing method you can lower and smoothe it out a bit . Tobacco growing is as intresting as growing other delightful smokeables hehe
  10. oh, you mean blunts?
  11. Wonder why no one has mad a vaporizer with the looks of a cigar. Would allow for a ton more space for batts and chambers. Could probably even use a AA in it. People would just think you're puffing on a cigar.
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    yes and no ,Blunt wraps gave me the idea partly but I remeber once hearing somewhere about medicated cigarettes in the 1900s.
    and to top it off the idea came to me while reasearching what they call "casing" tobacco .alcohol is used so I started thinking hmmmm. So the idea came from all over the place
    here's a link on those medicated cigarettes

    cocaine laced cigarettes?
  14. Yes well that gave me the idea ,its something to try since I am growing tobacco already. Could be something more of a novelty than re-inventing the wheel.

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