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THC lingering longer in system than usual.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Crazy 88, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I have a job opportunity coming up soon and I aced the interview and they are making selections next week. I'm more than likely going to get the job and they may or may not be drug testing. To be safe I quit smoking more than a month ago. I took my own at home test last week and it detected that I still had THC in my system.

    I've been exercising frequently and consuming diuretics to flush my system out, but even then I have a feeling I may still have THC in me because I'm overweight. Do the many seasoned blades on the board think I'll be fine when I go in for the test?
  2. I think you should be fine, but in the event that you fail, you could be honest with them and tell them that you haven't smoked for a month and let them that you quit for the job.
  3. Pass the test or forget the job. Here's how you do it, all you need is about 3 hrs notice. Get yourself a gallon or more of water and start drinking. Spend the next two hours flushing out your bladder until you're pissing pure water every 10-15 minutes. Try to time it so you'll be taking your test within this next hour. About 20-30 minutes before you think you'll test, pop a vitamin B-12 to make your piss yellow. If the timing is right it will look perfect, worst case it might be really yellow but I've never heard of anyone failing for that (only if it's too diluted/clear). I've used this method and passed many times, never failed. You're pissing straight water and B-12, your body just can't metabolize virtually anything within that 10-15 minutes between pisses. You could probably go in high and it would work (unless they test your blood or hair!).
  4. It will definitely be a urine test if they test me at all. I just had to make sure to play it safe so I quit smoking regardless of them testing me or not.
  5. Would doing this be bad to your body. Just saying cause I heard drinking too much water can be bad
  6. Sweat. Sweat as much as possible, and drink as much water or tea as possible (urinate a lot also) until 2 days before your test. For the last 48 hours become lazy. Don't sweat, lay around, eat a lot of fattening foods. High carbs, sugars, snacks. You're going to want to cover up the THC infested fat cells with new clean fat sells. So when you urinate for the test you'll be burning through the new THC-free fat cells. I'm on the smaller side but this method (plus a little extra) helped me get through the 2nd half of my probation. Good luck! :wave:
  7. If it's been over a month... You should be fine. How overweight are you?
  8. Nah, you'd have to drink *gallons* for it to be at all an issue. Just makes you have to pee a lot, but it's great for hydration - most athletes drink a ton of water all day long. You might want to drink a gatorade or something later or eat some salt.
  9. Only a few pounds overweight, but I got the job so this thread can be closed :p. Thanks for the help guys. Your advice helped ;)!
  10. Congratz. That's something we all like to see here in the city :smokin:
  11. were you naturally clean or did you follow the advice of the other poster?
  12. Drinking too much water can wash the sodium out of your body so make sure you replenish your sodium intake ... Eat salty stuff or take a sodium pill ;) but keep drinking that water ;)
  13. Oops just realized you already passed..congrats ..but still good info for others ;)
  14. I'm quoting myself, because I want to reiterate, THIS WORKS. Forget the teas, the sweating, the lecithin, or anything else you've heard, this works every time. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is timing the B-12 to make your piss yellow, and not pissing yourself in the waiting room. The only time I might worry is if you were being tested for a top secret security clearance, professional sports, the DEA or some other situation where they might do a really crazy exhaustive test. But this will pass all standard, lab ordered tests (and they almost always tell you exactly what they tested for in the final report - i've never seen them test for ANYTHING other than thc, pcp, cocaine, meth and I think the other is opiates.. ). Those creatine tests and other things are VERY rarely used (they're very expensive) unless they already have strong reason to believe you're cheating or might be inclined to.
  15. I have another question to ask so I'm bumping this thread instead of cluttering the forums with a new one, but I also wanted to reply to you.

    Yeah, you're right that this works for most any drug test aside from more extensive ones. Better tests will tell them how diluted the sample is, and also, B12 can cause false flags on tests, which is why if I go in for tests I just take a normal vitamin regimen like I normally would any how. If you take a series of vitamins like I do then it'd be a lot easier to pass tests like that because if they got a diluted sample with B12 in it, they'd be able to tell you're faking it.

    I also don't know whether I became clean through natural processes or doing a cleanse, because I did both and they didn't even test me when they hired me, haha!

    But my question is, does anyone know if employers ever test after hiring, if they hired you without testing you? The only reason I ask is because someone brought it to my attention and I've been dry for about a month and a week now and if I have to stay dry for a little longer to make sure I secure the job, then I'd like to know.

    Just don't want to go through the hassle of asking one of my new fellow employees if they test because that question usually sets off flags within the work place whether you smoke or not, haha.
  16. :d:d:d:d:d
  17. Thanks for the help man. Appreciate it. That's what I pretty much figured but since I had already been dry for so long I figured I'd wait it out a few more days to see what's up and get some more info.
  18. Nothing wrong with staying clean for a bit, that's truly the best way to beat a drug test lol. No worries, congrats on the job! :D
  19. Thanks man! It's very appreciated! Been looking for sooooooooooooooooooooo long lol.

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