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THC Into Crystallized Form?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PaRaDoX, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Is it possible to make THC into a crystallized form?
  2. What you mean turn it in to like a THC crack rock? I don't know why'd you'd want to do that but, the closest thing to like a rock form of THC is probably some cooked compressed hash.
  3. im not talking about a rock form. im talking about crystal. if you were compairing it to the form of another drug it would be methamphetamines. the point of making THC into crystal would be that you could vaporize it in different ways.
  4. thc forms crystals naturally all around the buds
  5. this is correct.

    but these crystals contain many chemcials not just THC

    your answer is: unlikely.

    THC in it's natural state is a colorless, odorless oily liquid.
  6. Well, by crack rock, I also kind of was referring to a crystal meth shard as well.
  7. If they could, I would not like it...its all about the total package.

    I love the smell, taste, look, and overal smoke of nugs. I would feel to much of a crackhead smoking a THC rock. Plus, it would be a diff high since you don't get all the other countless cannabinoids in your smoke.
  8. This is similar to Honey Oil no? 99% pure THC?:confused:
  9. well put +rep:smoke:
  10. are you talkin about budder or somethin?
  11. Im not sure if the instructions posted there are the same as real Budder. Real Budder is 99.6% THC at its purest, I dont think the butane extraction can get up to that hight percantage of THC.
  12. I know it's possible. I'd love to smoke one. It would be alot more powerful than bud.
  13. Of course not. I doubt the Budder King would give out his recipe to just anyone. Its probably the closest we can get to it.
  14. Yeah, I think budder is the closet you can get to pure THC.
  15. budder is the purest form of THC currently known to man.

    Getting it outside canada is hard as fuck, but it looks like this - -
    7 Grams of Nepalese Hash, and .5 grams of budder.


    That is budder on the right, the left is some nepalese hash.
  16. OHHHboy.

    lucky wunshreck.
  17. Yeah Da_sauce!, the budder is really something special.

    You ever in NYC, you gonna have to come through and hot knife one with me ;)
  18. interesting. my friends casey and joey and I were in NYC for new years.

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