THC Infused E-Liquid for Ego E-cig

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  1. I've been looking up how to get high with my E-cig for quite some time now. I have found many people making tinctures and using heating elements to infuse the thc with the E-Liquid, but I am in high school, and still life with my parents so that would be rather difficult for me because it would make my house stink like weed. I have thought about making a tincture but scared of getting caught. So, I have been thinking, everyone mixes their food-grade Vg mix for their tinctures and the E-liquids for my ego are made of a mix between PG and VG and so theoretically speaking, I could mix my E-Liquid and my (Small amount of GOOD) bud, and let it sit (for about 90-120 days) so the thc infuses with the liquid and since the flavoring in the E-Liquid has alcohol in it, it will break down the THC from the bud and of course strain it with cheese cloth, then I should be left with THC infused E-Liquid and I would be able to get high from smoking on my E-cig?

    Like i've said I have looked up many fourms on how to do this the most simple way and when people talk about tinctures they don't talk about vaping them they talk about dropping them under their tongues.

    If anyone can help me with their experince and not their unnecessary comments that would be fantastic. Thank you very much!
    My reasoning behind all this maddness is because I am going on a cruise this summer with one of my buddies and of course you can't bring weed on a crusie and so I am trying to be as sneaky as possible;). and I would much rather smoke thc then nicotine anyday.

  2. good luck. Next post I wouldn't mention still being in highschool.
  3. Thanks. Hahaha Yeah I thought about that after I said it. But that is one of my reasons for wanting to try this. I am going to test this once I can get the money out of my account.
  4. I have thought about this for sometime too. I was thinking what if you cooked the bud in a small amount of oil. or better yet after cooking it let the mixture sit for a week or 2 to make sure all the thc is extracted. To me it would be the same process just different ingredient. I have wanted to try this and when I can find a successful method I will post back. I don't think that the taste from the oil would be untasty either, but I could be wrong.
  5. any luck?

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