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Thc infused chewing tobacco?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yo3yp, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. So I have been a user of tobacco and marijuana products for over 5 years. Dip is my preference for tobacco products, and I was curious if there was any way possible to add thc into my can of stokers. I am not talking about replacing the tobacco, just simply adding a little something to my dip!

  2. [​IMG] yes Mr Ham, this is proof Darwin was right....
  3. Tincture.

    Ever heard of chewing gum?
  4. Yeah that about sums up tobacco use. A friend had a relative that the same thing happened to. He is still on a rampage and goes around to stores and rips their tobacco advertisements down since its actually illegal in my state but they are not enforced. He has had the cops called on multiple occasions but when they show up he tells them if they were doing their jobs he wouldn't have to. Never been arrested :hello:
    Sorry OP but tobaccos bad mmkay :smoke:
  5. Dude could yo imagine getting the buzz from a dip plus THC buzz..... Mmmmmm

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  6. I don't see why not...but it would be far weaker than more bioavailable alternatives and wouldn't really taste like chewing tobacco due to a different process.
    Still...if you're set. do it.
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    I can't remember where I read this but, somewhere I picked up a way to get THC into regular chewing tobacco! I haven't tried this myself yet but will definitely in the future try it.

    1. Get some high-proof alcohol (vodka or everclear) and do the whole tincture thing (grind up some weed, 1 gram of weed per 1 fl oz of alcohol, put the weed in the bottle and leave it in a dark place for a month, etc)

    2. After the month is up, get some tobacco that is used in cigarettes and put it all in a bowl.

    3. Use your filter method of choice to get the liquid out of the alcohol bottle into the bowl full of tobacco, while keeping the solids in the bottle.

    4. put the bowl of tobacco and THC infused alcohol UNCOVERED in a place where it will NATURALLY evaporate quickly (in a window or something)

    5. when all the liquid is gone, you now have tobacco infused with THC! It doesn't smell or look like weed, but it still gets you high! You can put it in a cigarette tube and smoke it anywhere without arousing suspicion!

    Note: I have not tried this myself. I can't remember the website I got this from but it was a pretty reliable one (totse comes to mind). Also, my one of my best friend's friends claims to have successfully done this. 
  8. That sounds pretty neat hah.

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