THC in the atmosphere?

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  1. im chillin here smokin a bowl and i just thinking about life and shit, and i got to thinking about my chemistry class. so, the law of constant mass states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. and if you think about this in a chemistry sort of way, this would mean that all molecules released into the atmosphere stay there. so think about all of the THC molecules that are released into the air as we smoke. Is that THC still floating around up in the atmosphere? What percent of the atmosphere do you think is made up of THC?

    im so blazed so if this doesn't make any sense, dont judge. :bongin:
  2. we combust it for a reason. it is true that some of the THC does not go into our lungs to be processed; but this amount is so small that it dissipates into the atmosphere.

    hell, there could be trace amounts, but nothing extraordinary.
  3. Not gonna judge lol.

    But nah, molecules break down over time, according to their half-life. blah blah blah science.

    Matter can't be created and destroyed, but things made of it can be. The matter will simply still exist.
  4. it comes out in smoke that is no lighter than regular air (actually heavier, i think). you might have lots of thc in your rug or in the grass where you smoke a lot but i doubt there's much if any in the atmosphere.
  5. it is broken down, the constituents of it (matter) still exist, but the whole is separated into pieces.

    Water is oxygen and hydrogen, a water molecule can cease to exist, but its oxygen and hydrogen atoms will still be around.

    same with thc i guess.
  6. Nearly everything in the outside world degrades THC, so by the time it got to anyone else, the trace amounts will have little or no effect on them; atleast nothing they will notice.

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