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THC in nature.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wak, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I'm sitting here with a few brews and my vape wondering how THC came to be, what use is it to the actual plants since its only present on females you would assume it was to attract insects but I believe I have read cannabis multiplys via the wind like dandy lions only not as visable.

    So what use is THC to the cannabis plant?

    Is there a certain awnser ? If not let's hear what you reckon.
  2. Very interesting just wish there was a little more info :(
  3. Supposedly its the plants self defense mechanism.
  4. Like anything that reporoduces or whatever it is lol most things in nature have a way to protect themselves and let there species go on. Thc and the all over smell and stickiness of buds is a posion that wards of and protects the seeds.
  5. The sticky THC collects the males pollen. I think, correct me if i'm wrong anyone.

  6. nahh man,that's the hairs :smoking:
  7. It gets much deeper... The reason thc came to be was an accident just like everything in evolution...CHeck it out
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  8. its sun block for marijuana
  9. You're all wrong. It's so us humans want to harvest it and use it! Cannabis isn't perennial, and in places where it might have difficulties reproducing and surviving it needed a way... so it produced THC.. and when humans discovered this and liked it, the plant wins because we go to such extremes to grow good weed. You don't see complex secret hydroponic systems to grow tomatoes in someone's attic do you?

    therefore... cannabis is the smartest plant in nature... it is using humans for it's own advantage!

  10. hahaha, your wild :laughing:
  11. That's it. That's why the lighting is so important for an indoor grow op.

    The more abundant the light, the more abundant the THC.

  12. Lmao. then its not doing a very good job. :D
    More THC = More appealing to the 'predator'
  13. i thinks its cause god wanted us all to be high.... its his hidden solution for world peace. just like shrooms have cyllicybin to promote healthy brain developement and exelerate the growth of neurons. seriously tho..... i think thc was put in weed to make us happy.... and cannabinoids to heal us.

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