THC in male plant leaves

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  1. My girlfriend and I are patiently awaiting a harvest of seven plants. They just completed the second week of seven in flower. Being the desperate souls we are, we cut up some of the leaves on one of the male plants that I had pulled from the crop. We then microwaved it and smoked it and to my amazement, we caught a slight buzz.

    I had always heard that plants don't have any thc in the leaves and considering how early of a stage this was done, it's very surprising. I guess it tells me that my full grown weed will be of good quality...wishful thinking anyway.

  2. Maybe the smoke from the leaf just gave you a head rush.
  3. bad, bad idea. especially since you didt dry it, im sure you got lots of nute chemicals and such into your lungs. i would advise to just smoking buds and some hash..ha
  4. disgusting, a male plant that is pre-mature and MICROWAVE DRIED?!?!

    you probably got your buzz from crap fumes or something :p

    You can always try to use it to make pot brownies or something. No need to dry it then.
  5. Likely your brains response from a lack of oxygen :). Google qwiso or look around here there are a few guides but you need to dry the shit. Still not much to be had in males.
  6. Males can have THC, the problem is that it doesn't produce smokable bud so, from a smoking standpoint, you are left with the leaves. The amount of THC on the leaves is not great, and you have to smoke so much chlorophyll and other harsh stuff to get any THC that most people end up with a splitting headache.
  7. Right on target.

    There is THC running all through the plant, so remember sift your leaves and trim for hash. Then bag the shake in organic tea bags and save for tea and crumpets in the future. (also grind down all stems they will also work for tea )

    Recycle the whole plant and your a winner!

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