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THC Eye Drops

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by timdecker, Apr 28, 2012.

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    ******* WARNING *******
    I am not posting this as a means to "getting high", but as a means for an alternative way of delivering the Cannabinoids to those who are in dire need.
    ******* WARNING ******* ​

    What are the thoughts of creating eye drops for delivering for Cannabinoids to the brain? After all, the eyes would be the fastest means of delivery Cannabinoids to destroy glioma cancer cells. I am not talking about doing some backyard science experiment, I am talking in an actual lab by someone who has actual an bio/chem degree.

    If you were able to do so, you could theoretically create an IM or IV form of it as well.

    By isolating the Cannabinoids within the plant, and purifying the extracts, you would have a source of Cannabinoids that you could inject into your muscles (like steroids) or drop into your eyes.

    Eye Drops: Extract --> Purify --> Insert in PLASMA TEARS (as plasma tears are lipophilic)

    IV/IM: Extract --> Purify --> Insert into oil (much like steroids)

    As far as safety goes, one would have to subject the created compound to MS and IR to make sure that only the Cannabinoids exists in the compound and then run it through a HPLC to make sure that the dosage is correct.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. No isomerization, I believe that the therapeutic effects comes from a mixture of all the cannabinoids and not just D9THC. (It is like chocolate, there is not single compound that makes up chocolate, but a conglomerate of molecules)

    ******* WARNING *******
    I am not posting this as a means to "getting high", but as a means for an alternative way of delivering the Cannabinoids to those who are in dire need.
    ******* WARNING ******* ​
  2. I have always wondered about something like this. In theory it sounds like it should work just fine. Cannabinoids travel through the bloodstream the same regarless of where they enter, so I can see this being a viable option.

    Kudows on pushing the envelope. Hopefully the few mad scientist on these boards can chime in.
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    I see it as a means of delivering the drug faster and at a higher does than you could get from smoking.

    Also, it would get rid of delivering carcinogens, and keep MOST if not ALL the cannabinoids that are found within this plant. If all of the cannabinoids are in-tact, a higher therapeutic index would be created in relation to smoking alone.

    P.S. I have an undergrad degree in biochem, a masters in bio, and working on my doc.
  4. Really? I feel weed pretty much instantaneous following a hit. I think eyedrops are a bad idea - what would you propose for a solvent and how would you get a good sized dose in one or two eyedrops - because anymore just runs down your face?

    Decent idea though, but I think the "under the tongue" tincture guys have a one up on it.

    P.S. - BSChE and 25+ yrs experience.
  5. He is not referring to the "high" of cannabanoids. He is referring to the shorter length of time cannabanoids reach the brain.
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    The solvent in which they would sit, for the eye drops, is called "Plasma Tears". It is just lipophilic enough to contain the cannabinoids. You can adjust the concentration to however you would like, from "low" to "super-saturated". Just have to make sure to not over do it. On paper it seems easy enough, mostly because I work in a lab with the necessary equipment due to so. But i'd lose my phd work and job if i did it up at school =)

    @Alter: Correct, the quickest way to deliver drugs to the brain is through eye drops.
  7. seriously, not a good idea, you only get two eyes in life, so don't put shit in them...just use drops as a tincture and place them under your tongue.
  8. We do not dose medicine through the eyes, unless it is to treat the eyes itself...

    Fastest way of delivering cannabinoids to the system is sublingually. Solvent Extract -> Vegetable Glycerin.

    All this talk of extraction and purification and trying to break weed down into only certain ingredients sounds mighty close on the lines of pharmaceuticals. I don't like it. It is most effective in it's natural form, that's what makes it so potent and flexible.
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  9. well said.


  10. Well said also..

  11. Actually you do deliver medicine through the eyes. NGF (nerve growth factor) that target the growth and development of nerves in the brain are delivered in eye drops through the eyes.

    As far as purification goes, it was in regard to extracting the cannabinoids only, so as to not deliver any other chemicals (ex. carcinogens and/or mutagens) that may exist in MJ.
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    This is a tutorial that I have been delaying sharing, for several reasons; mainly because it is VERY easy to damage
    and infect the eye, through home made eye drops.. and secondly, because the majority of the cancers and tumors
    (mainly uveal melanoma and the resulting glaucoma) we've treated and cured this way, are feline, and we're not
    allowed to discuss 'medicating' animals on GC. :)

    If anyone needs help, please feel free to PM me for more details.


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    So I am not crazy :p

    In my head and on paper it seems like this would be one of the better ways to treat cancer, at least that of the brain...not sure if it would have an enhanced effect on cancer in other parts of your body as well.

    Have you noticed better results from this type of delivery?

    As far as delivery to other parts of the body, I was thinking about DMSO....but If you have more information about the eye drop method please PM me, I promise you won't lose me when you attempt to explain something. :D

    PS I can't send you a PM, you either have it turned off or your inbox is full.
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    If the mods feel this should be deleted, please do so with my apologies. :eek:

    Or if possible, just delete the portion above the eye drop tips.

    The reason I originally looked into it, was because I have a ***, still alive and spry today at 16 or so years old, who about nine years ago was given a six month death sentence, due to a fast expanding tumor-like growth in the eye, which was diagnoses as either being squamous cell carcinoma of the eye, or uveal melanoma.
    While I was living abroad, my **** stayed with my family... all of whom happen to be avid chain smokers (tobacco), in spite of numerous cases of cancer in my family taking nearly every deceased relative we have records on, in spite of my grandfather having died a slow death in that very house, due to an advanced tobacco-induced lung cancer. :(

    I came back 13 months later, and there was some gray fuzziness and swelling (cataracts and mild glaucoma) and most noticeably, a small dot in my little girl's eye, which I at the time (wishful thinking) assumed was damage inflicted by their dog, or some other accident. It was less than a month later, that I was bringing her to the vets.

    The two vets didn't bother to determine for certain which cancer they thought it was, according to them she was 'too far gone' and the money spent investigating would be wasted, because she'd be dead before they could conclude anything.
    The first vet, my family vet, and the same when getting a second opinion from another vet, suggested immediately putting her down.. it was tough to even convince them that I should be let out of the vets office with her. :(

    She had (and today still has a bit of, what looks like, dark grey scar tissue in her eye at the very center of where the tumor once was.. still worries me from time to time) a dark brown-red-black spot in the green of her left iris, it continued to grow and become more misshapen, almost by the day. As a k***** she grew and matured a bit more slowly than the others, and seemed to be a bit more moody, especially after we had her spayed. I'm pretty sure she was due for the eye issues, and perhaps more, I remember worrying about her a lot even before this all happened.
    In less than a month after I returned home, the growth which was originally less than a quarter-of-a-pea in size, was now the size of a large pea, and began pushing into her pupil. She lost all the fur above that eye and directly below it, she was often very swollen, and she was obviously very emotional and moody. :(

    It's hard to remember the time-line, I brought her to the vets before it go so bad, and again for a second opinion after I started treating her, once it got worse.

    I almost immediately began treating her, even before bringing her to the vets for the second time (won't say what or how, besides that we obviously weren't smoking with her... trying to abide by the rules).. within three weeks, the growth had shrunk and she started eating like CRAZY and began playing with and chasing the other **** around again!

    Within a month, the fur returned over her eye.. by then I hadn't tried them yet, but I was already working on getting the drops to stay in the right consistency.

    A few weeks later, with a very basic lecithin and glycerin-based formula worked out, the cataracts she'd begun to develop vanished! I can honestly say that I have NEVER before, or since, seen a patient respond as fast as my little girl, and instead of living six months (or worse, being put down right away without necessity), she's more than doubled in age since her 'diagnosis' at age 7 or 8, and now she's about 16, and as frisky and spry as ever! :)

    I only give her maintenance treatments now when I think to, or when I see swelling or notice signs of hair loss above her eye. Without symptoms I try to remember to treat her at least once a month. With symptoms, she gets a two or three week course until they subside.
    More would be better, symptoms or not, but animals can respond differently or a bit more strongly (mainly their hearts) to cannabis and most medications, and she's getting up there in years now. She behaves the brightest, best and 'most normally', during the first few days after treatment, especially the day following a treatment. She still catches me mice, when they sneak in during winter. :)

    With human tumors and cancer patients, powerful and regular maintenance treatments are essential, at least until (but preferably, continuing after) you're absolutely certain you've removed, or replaced and cleared away all affected tissue.


    I will say this; A CLEAN AND STERILE WORK ENVIRONMENT IS CRUCIAL... the dropper bottle must be sterilized, the saline must be sterilized, the oil, lecithin, and cannabis, all must be sterilized.
    Boiling hot water and a few drops of bleach can be used to sterilize the tools you'll use, plain hot water for the dropper bottle, the alcohol and heated evaporation process will sterilizes the concentrate. The glycerin and oils may be pre-heated and sterilized, and will be heated again when bonding with the concentrate.

    The eye drops are a simple, modified home made eye drop recipe that you can find online, easily. Preparing the hash and blending it evenly is the most tedious part. :)

    To prepare the hash, it's first extracted and filtered using grain alcohol, then re-filtered using oil and/or glycerin. Certain plant waxes and solids which are unnecessary, are alcohol/water soluble, but not oil or glycerin soluble.
    When dissolving the concentrate a second time, in the glycerin and oil, you can then separate any potential solids by pressing through a final filter of 3u - 10u/micron.

    The concentrate, glycerin, coconut oil and lecithin blend, is then combined at a 1:5 - 1:6 ratio with saline, home made and sterilized (using natural filtered sea salt), or store-bought. After being gently heated it should emulsify or homogenize and become an even blend, due to the lecithin content (about 1.5 grams lecithin per finished fluid oz should be used, 2 grams each of coconut oil and glycerin, .5 - 1g clean concentrate.. this should take up roughly 6ml of the total 30ml, with the remainder being saline).

    The good news; glycerin, lecithin and coconut oil, are all common in eye drops and eye treatments. :)

    Coconut oil and lecithin are GREAT for the eyes!

    Coconut oil;

    - Rids the eye of parasites.

    - Soothes irritation and dry-eye.

    - Clears 'pink eye'.

    - Is known to eliminate cancers cells.


    - Cures and soothes dry eye syndrome.

    - Soothes symptoms of allergies and hay-fever.

    - Soothes eczema-related eye conditions/symptoms.

    Hope this helps! :)

    (PS - I know I focused mainly on eye cancer/tumor treatments, other methods for 'directly' treating brain and neck cancers include: treating the neck, around the glands and jugular, and below the base of the skull, and the scalp, hairline and temples, with coconut/emu/glycerin cannabis concentrates either alone or combined; all three carriers are known for penetrating, and when properly infused, carrying intentionally added chemical/plant components, as much as several inches below the surface of the skin. :hello: )

    Edit - I suggest making small batches, one batch at a time; after 2 - 3 weeks any leftovers should be discarded or at the very least re-sterilized, dropper bottle included, to reduce the risk of contamination and secondary infection.
    If treating aggressive conditions, it's 'safe' to use your drops as heavily and as frequently as five or six times per day, continuously exposing the affected tissue... but once you're satisfied with the results however, you will need to slowly wean yourself off the drops and reduce frequency, until you reach the desired maintenance level (reaching ideally one or two treatments per week, to no more than one to two treatments per over-using normal eye drops, cutting back will be difficult, but you can lessen the difficulty if you are gradual and keep mentally-patient). :)
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  15. Thanks for the write up BadKittySmiles. This is exactly was I was looking for, though a lot more simple than I was envisioning ;)

    Wish I could switch out of my PhD program to work with cannabis instead bacteria. But you have any more knowledge to share on this topic or that alike?
  16. I have thc drops.. mouth drops tho. I don't use eye drops. I'm usually so blazed that it takes a bottle to get one eye haha
  17. You may never cease to amaze me.:cool:

    Well done, looks like you got it covered.;)


    I too am very interested in this as well. Thanks!

  18. I have yet to find the time to mess around with this, has anyone else tried it?

    If so, has anyone tried it for treating non-infectious keratitis on a "critter"?
  19. Does anyone still have access to the recipe supplies by @BadKittySmiles?

  20. OP is 6 years old.

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