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thc extraction by cold water or iso alcohol, which is better?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by johnjohn, Jul 19, 2010.

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    I have done the Iso thing and thinking about trying another method... Anyone know which one is best?

    I use really tiny popcorn buds and the trim for the hash.

    also what is the best way to collect the evaporated pieces, i used a razor on a big glass pan but is there a better way?
  2. Bubble would be higher purity than iso, generally, because of the multiple graded mesh and the fact that iso extracts all kinds of things from the plant.

    As far as homemade, those are your two best options. Check out smoove's martini hash sticky post, excellent method and yet still simple.

    Also if you're prepared to work with volatile gasses safely, you can go with the BHO, or butane honey oil method. Not any more difficult than the iso, except that the solvent is vaporized in contained space, making it that much more volatile if ignited. As long as you're safe, this is the best extaction method available to home hash makers.
  3. But wouldn't iso extract more trichs along with more plant matter? Does butane also extract as much plant matter as iso?
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    Yes. I'm doing a method like that. While purity is harmed, I can ensure I get as many trichs as possible.

    Check out my Frost hash link. I've been working on removing as much of the gunk from an iso wash as possible.

    I'm not savvy on the chemo-lingo, but no, butane doesn't extract the same ammount (if any) waste materials from the plant.

    A chemist could answer the question.
    Iso will pull both polar and non-polar elements from the plant. I believe the butane only extracts the polar trichs. I think...don't quote me on that, I've got no chemestry training.

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