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  1. Does anyone out there know how to make a THC extract in as simple of a process as possible?

  2. hey bro there are plenty of guides i can link u some .. what ru looking to make there qwiso which u use flowers or shake with some isophofynal or theres butane honey oil.. they both require the same tthings.. or u can always try bubble hash u jus get bubble bags and stir. but lmk what kind of extract ur wana make
  3. QWISO is the easiest.
    91% Rubbing Alcohol
    Glass Jar
    Coffee Filters
    Mesh Strainer (optional)
    Pyrex dish
  4. what lilro said
    qwiso is incredibly simple, and most people will already have the majority of the materials needed on hand in their kitchen or bathroom.
    there's a wonderful qwiso discussion thread in "harvesting and processing medical marijuana" (don't quote me), and there's guides all over the site. a good tip is to ignore the useless "search" function of this site an just google the type of thread you want followed by "grasscity"
  5. Thank you to all who replied. Would someone please explain what QWISO is and how to make it.
  6. Masta, gotta do a little research. Join a few forums and search. There are many methods to choose. I was in the same boat as you just a few weeks ago. And I'm far from an expert but I know that as soon as you find one method, you'll be so intrigued you'll want to know them all. I personally was looking to make RSO for a friend, and it opened up a whole new world. I'm am still trying to decide which one will give me the best extraction. Check this out. It will be a general info guide to give you a better idea of the different forms of concentrate...
  7. Qwiso is easy nd fun to make
  8. try and get 99% iso or everclear...91% will take too long to evap
    i find that qwiso is great for medicating as the iso extracts the cbd's aswell as cbn's where butane extracts the oils in the thc
  9. go onto GOOGLE and search QWISO 
    for me the first thing that popped up was hashmoufs qwiso thread from grasscity
    print off the instructions and make it
    then add your own techniques 
  10. Please don't heat upr qwiso patients is key

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  11. qwiso is easy, and cheap , but if u want quality you need to spend 500-700$ total on a nice BHO set up PLus chronic
  12. 500-700 for a vac chamber ^ thats only if your makin big amounts. All the different textures can be done without a 500-700 vac chamber.
  13. I made some rso using "naptha" not sure if it was 100 percent right but it was easy and all my friends loved it. I also didn't use pure flowers it was about a pound of previous years trimmings so I'm not sure if the poor quality product led to the lower quality oil or if I had the heat too high when evaporating the naptha... Anyone know what temp to evap the naptha at without vaping the thc
  14. Freeze everything prior to use
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    [quote name="landon42" post="18443818" timestamp="1375403277"]500-700 for a vac chamber ^ thats only if your makin big amounts. All the different textures can be done without a 500-700 vac chamber.[/quote]Yeah but if you include pyrex, glass tubes, A FIRE EXTINGUISHER, vacuum pump, a dehydrator (if you want nice amber stuff), a griddle, random utensils, slick pads/slick sheets it adds up.
  16. THC decarboxilates at 220 from what I've read so I'd keep it under that.
  17. ISOhead thread...

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