THC effect on the body

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  1. THC effect on the body

    For biology I am giving 20min report on the effects of thc on the human body. I plan to put it into a power point with many many pics, woot! I am sure I can find most of the info i need on the Internet through google and erowid, but if any of you guys know of any good websites for good facts on the the fallowing subjects it would be greatly appreciated. I have also had a little trouble finding statistics from a recent year. I found something from 2000 but i would love to find something with newer statistics about how many people have tried it and the age group and what not.

    Here are the may sub-topics i plan on discussing in class.

    The makeup of thc
    where it comes from (exactly where it forms on the plant) I cant find a pic of the plant that names the parts of the plant.

    I am then going to be discussing the different ways to get thc into the body, eating,smoking, suppository(i need help with facts), injecting if this has been done before.

    I plan on discussing how each one of these one of these goes into the blood stream, then after explaing that i will talk about how it effects the body. Like the brain

    then the effects, red eyes and the such

    then how it leaves the body and maybe about testing for it

    i will end it explain what 420 is and since it will be 420 i hope to get a laff or something.

    If for some reason it does not end up being 20 min i will take a bong rip for the remainder of the time.

    No really I will talk about laws about weed these days and how stupid it is.
  2. Hell yeah dude, explain to them why the laws against cannabis are wrong, +rep for supporting cannabis in school
  3. sweet^ i totaly forgot about that site.

    redzeppelin i already turned in my topid of thc effect on the body so i cant talk to much about the laws or i get points off.

    also I asked her if i can bring in props so i think i will bring my roor in, hehehe.

    do you guys think i should.
  4. you forgot to put in the part that youre gonna be hella baked when you give the presentation :)
  5. Nice, take a strong pro cannabis stand. A week ago we could choose any topic to do a brochure in publisher on and it was a tri-fold front and back and i filled the entire thing up off the top of my head with like 8 point font.
  6. nice. I will be have on my hemp shirt with a huge weed leaf on it.

    damn i have not even started it yet and its 4/15
  7. I would love it if you asked for a volunteer and got him baked in the beginning, then take a look at how he feels and reacts afterwards lolol
  8. you would have to clean all the resin and refer to it as your water pipe for tobacco use.Depending on your teacher tho.. some might be cool with it some might try to pull shit.
  9. Sounds good cept for that part I'm afraid. I wouldn't do it dude, that's pushing the line of comfortability with most people and pot. A j would be less intense for people to witness.
  10. id love to see someone give a presentation and take a bong rip in the middle of it... as much trouble as someone would get in, it would have to be worth it cause i would never forget that ever (me personally perhaps) lol
  11. nice find. that link right there kicks ass^.

    i just started writing this so hopfully i can get this done in 3 days with all the other school shit i have.

    I actually have class all day and school is way to hard for me to smoke during it but my last class is from 4-5:15. I plan to bring a brownie and some milk and wip it out in the middle of class right at 4:20 and eat it. This would be my bio class and not bio lab where i will be making the speach at 8am.
  12. go you man. i never had that balls to talk openly infront of everyone about cannabis. i've become much more lax the past year though, i even asked my grandfather who has a pretty bad disease, why he doesnt smoke the green...
  13. ya i am pretty open in public but never talked in front of a class before. I want to try really hard to just spread the facts and educate people about it. I have to admit its a bit harder then i thought to include everything i want because i dont know if i feel comfortable talking about it.

    ex. part of my report i talk about the different ways to smoke it J,blunt,bong,vaporizor. I breafly explained each one but there are so many, like bubbler, side car bubbler, hammers. Hopfully in the future when i turn my topic in, instead of the effects of thc i will do a 30min presentation of basic MJ facts and go over everything a stoner could ever want to know about bud. How to grow would be a whole nother class, lol. hmm maybe i will be a teacher when i grow up, lol.
  14. thanks

    I ended up using both those sources

    i brought my laptop in to class today so the teacher could see my report so fare and she told me i had to much tex/info and needed to cut it down, i said oh i can just take out the part about the plants. not that it is not importent to learn about the plant but my topic is thc on the body not how thc is formed. she quickly responded with a no this is a biology class leave that in there, then she smiled and was like i want you to leave it in there for me, lol. I got my teacher interested in it. I guess she did not realize just how well i was going to present this topic. Dont want to sound like a prick but I i have to admit i know more about weed then almost everyone i know.
  15. well not that it seems anyone cares but i gave my report today but wont know my grade till tuesday. besides the fact that i am not good at talking to a larg group of people it went great. Had lots of questions from the class all of wich i gave hella info for.

    i cant wait till i am finished with my college degree so i can further my studies in MJ.

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