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  1. so check it out, ive been smoking for a good long while and have tried edibles, dabs, etc but have never tried thc e-liquid for an e-cig. ive just recently picked some up from a friend and im wondering if any of you all have tried anything like it before?? after smoking on it for a good bit the high feels like a really clean vape high, almost all mental and not physical. have you had similar experiences? is there anything i could do to make the high more intense or more physical possibly through mixing another e-liquid in? any and all feedback is much appreciated. thanks blades. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416670946.869673.jpg

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  2. I have an atomizer for this pen I bought i use for e liquids
    I have a buncha weird shit like banana split, Popsicle, mt dew but never tried this either.

    where did you get it? I would try it.
  3. i got it from my buddy who got it from some guy who makes it. he also told me you could drip 5 drops under your tongue and that would get the job done too?

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  4. oh wonderful. you've found a bio-available thc tincture,

    you've struck gold
  5. It sounds like its a vegetable glycerine based tincture. You can do the under the tongue thing, or just add it to a glass of water and drink it that way. The only downside to vaping the VG based tinctures is you wont get as powerful a hit. At least from my experience anyways.
  6. It has to have PG in it to make it doesn't it? Then you add the VG to make the vapor thicker?
    While making it, you can make it as strong as you want it. Maybe ask your buddy to try a stronger batch?

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