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  1. I just got one of those fancy new e cigarettes and was thinking of ways to make a thc cartridge. I am going to try taking some vapopoo and vegetable glycerin in a glass jar and leave it in the Arizona sun for a couple weeks. If anyone knows a better way to make a vegetable tincture please tell me. I was gonna drop a couple drops into an empty cartridge after i filtered out the leaves. What are your thoughts about the vegetable glycerin tincture in the e cig and has anyone already successful done this or something similar?

  2. Hey..I don't think that would work. you'd be better off using alcohol tincture. the e-cig's atomizer (heating element) is set at a specific temperature that is just right for vaporizing propylene glycol (e-liquid = propylene glycol with nicotine disolved in it) from what i understand, glycerin has a higher boiling + vaporization point than alcohol, so the Alcohol tincture would vaporize more easily than the glycerin tincture.

    Also, if alcohol tincture don't work u could always try making a propylene glycol tincture...I don't know if thc will disolve in propylene glycol, but theoretically it should, because propylene glycol is a form of alcohol (obviously not the kind we drink, but safe to used in soom food) and thc is alcohol soluable....

    If you try it out...let me know if it works...I have been thinking about buying one of these specifically for use with weed.
  3. It won't work.

    Look into the iInhale for convenient hand held vaping.
  4. How do you know this won't work? Have you tried it personally? I believe this would work because as the op said, thc is alcohol soluble, so it wouldn't be that different than the nicotine cartridges.

    I have no idea where to get the propylene glycol though.
  5. here is what i am planning on trying thanks to some help from countzer0.

    first make iso oil (currently at the evaporation step)

    Next i will add peppermint extract because of its very high alchohol content to get it more liquidy

    then i will add in 2x as much vegetable glycerin (can be used in e cigs in place of propelyne glycol) as the amount of the entire mixture

    put into e cig and try it out!
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  6. I will confirm this procedure works. The trick is to start with hash as unless you want to smoke 2-3 carts worth, youll want it as potent as possible.
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  7. I wonder how long i sould let the total solution sit before putting it in a cartridge?
    Does the extract, oil, and glycerin all have to dissolve into eachother for a couple days or can you use the solution right after all three are mixed together?
  8. You will dissolve your hash oil into either a small amount of alcohol or flavor extract (flavor extracts are mostly alcohol with flavor so you get the flavor bonus). This should get the hash oil good and liquid like. The add this mixture to the glycerin, heat slightly and stir well to mix the two together. Once it is mixed you are good to go.

    Be sure clean your atomizer periodically as this may gunk it up.

    I use this recipe with an e-cigar and e-mini cig.
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  9. Thank you for clearing that up and i am looking forward to trying this recipe in the next week. I'll report back on how it goes.
  10. Hahaha flavor extract sounds kinda nasty. I'd just use 151.

    And according to wiki...

    Nicotine boiling point is 247 C
    THC boiling point is 200 C

    So if it's designed to vape nicotine it should be able to vape thc
  11. E-cigs are atomized propylene glycol and nicotine? Propylene glycol is low-tox antifreeze.....I wouldn't want to be inhaling antifreeze, even if it was the low-tox/pet safe stuff. Its still very toxic, just less so than standard ethylene glycol antifreeze
  12. Your probly right yaysatin the extract will probly taste like shit but its higher than 151 proof i think so it will be better to get the most potent product so i don't have to smoke like 3 carts.

  13. propylene glycol aint anti-freeze....its sometimes used as a coolant though. Its used in everything from, food to make-up to toothpaste...

    this is quoted fom the WIKI page on propylene glycol...."The oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to incur the dangerous effects described above. The potential for long-term toxicity is also low. In one study, rats were provided with feed containing as much as 5% PG over a period of 104 weeks and they showed no apparent ill effects.[6] Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive. Cases of propylene glycol poisoning are related to either inappropriate intravenous use or accidental ingestion of large quantities by children.[7]"

    Propylene Glycol WIKI
  14. most e-cig carts are flavored with some sort of extract. Most use apple or lemon. It is up to the user whether they enjoy a taste or not.

    This will most definitely work. The only way it will not is if you make it too weak and then there would be no way to atomize enough of it at once to get a buz.
  15. Has anyone managed to get this to work yet? I've always thought those e-cigs looked kinda cool. But since I'm not a tobacco smoker I never got the urge to try buying one
  16. Is this like getting a normal high or is it slightly less since you are smoking smaller amounts? Also would the lemon extract be better to use because of taste even though it has 83% alcohol rather than 86% like the mint. I like menthol though so I am tore between which to use.
  17. the percentage of alcohol does not matter as much as long as it can break down the hash you made and make it more liquid so you can dissolve it in the glycerin.

    The buzz is the same as taking a small toke on some hash. The last batch i made took 4-7 good puffs to get a decent buzz.
  18. Yeah bud I think bicardi 151 would work just fine for dissolving hash. Even if it takes like an extra 1/2 cartridge it'll be totally worth it. Would you REALLY wanna inhale lemon extract? Doesn't sound too pleasant to me.
  19. I dont think it will be as potent as drinking the extract so it won't be too bad. The mint might actually be kinda good. I wonder if i could use traditional e cig flavoring instead of the extract? Is there any alcohol in those flavors?
  20. dont use straight alcohol. you really dont want to inhale evaporating alcohol.

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