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THC drops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nezsem, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. I went into a medical shop the other day and the dude had a bottle of THC drops. I was like "wtf is that?" and he said you just drip some on your toungue and you get high as fuck.

    Is that true? Good as weed? Anyone try it? Also I HATE the process of smoking so this would eliminate that problem. I love getting high but I hate the whole smoke in your lungs, hacking up, coughing, etc.

    Also why does the forums load really fast and as your about to click something the GC ads get in the way and make you click it?

    GC scam? lol :rolleyes:
  2. Was this a tincture?:confused: You can get glycerine based and alcohol based tinctures, or make them yourself. There are a lot of alternatives to smoking.

  3. It was just a tiny little bottle that you squeezed to the point a 'drop' came out. He said simply put it on your tongue and get high.

    I think he was fucked up already, so he could have left out vital information.
  4. Maybe he meant to say "LSD" not "THC" :)

    If you find out what it is please post, I'm very interested in all non-smoking delivery methods.
  5. It clearly read a big green "THC" across the bottle.
    Maybe i'll buy a bottle and post the results :x

  6. what club was this at? i would love to stop by there and get some lol,

    and about how much was it? if you know/looked. leme know :)
  7. ^^^lol i was about to ask this haha. i know theres such a thing as tincture, but youre supposed to put that in your drinks then administer it that way. if you really dislike smoking, make yourself some brownies or some edibles in general.
  8. Doesnt really sound too crazy, Im from Wisconsin (no dispensaries here lol) however, I do know there are many many alternitives to smoking, THC drops would work, im sure its just extract... just like what is in edibles.
  9. Dam, so one one knows about them? And I think he said 10 bucks a bottle. I'll try and get some and see whats up.

    Also it was like some house medical shop. Look like a house converted to a medical shop. Doesn't even have a name lol.
  10. damn sounds legit ur lucky u get medical weed
    i also heard that there devolping THC inhalers for people wit asthma
    i have asthma so i hope this happens that would be nuts
  11. I've heard of them but never seen any in town. Go grab em and get back to us.
  12. Any results yet?
  13. #13 Bundermeyer, Oct 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2011
    After a few years, I'm sure he had some results.
    Besides the revival, last friday I officially met a kid that I'd seen around school and friend's houses and stuff. He had some. It was dope.
  14. I demand results.
  15. He put some in the first blunt I think (I can't remember, too high) and when he was in the bathroom my friend put eight on his tongue. Then got two more when the kid came out of the bathroom. I was told the dose for a medical patient is 2-4 drops. Later on in the night inbetween some flip cup and during the process of smoking like 6 fat blunts that included some legit medi-purp, the kid squirted some in my mouth. I have no idea how much. Maybe one, maybe like six. Try them. I got really high that night.
  16. ^how do you put tincture in a blunt?

    smoking REALLY brings out the effect of the tincture as well.
  17. The kid just dropped some into the blunt before he rolled it. I don't get what you're asking or if sarcasm is afoot haha
  18. you cant burn tincture? edit: i never even really thought of that but it just doesnt make sense to me. i mean... its wet.

    and i mean taking tincture and then smoking will bring out the effect of the liquid more.
  19. The most potent tinctures are made using glycerine, and most likely a hash oil. It's probably a glycerine based tincture, which is a simple process to make your own OP.
  20. In that case, yes, the tincture was effective! I just wasn't sure if burning it works. Like, maybe it was a dumb idea. But it makes sense now, and I believe you either way. I wish I could just call you and explain what I am trying to say haha. I will try to get some and will make a thread. Don't wait for it though
    Edit: This stuff was from a dispensary, in a tiny bottle.

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