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Thc droplets on bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WlZ KHLlFA, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. im not new to smoking but my friends older brother (havn't) bought off of him yet planing on to this weeked was talking about the bud he gets has THC droplets on the bud itself i know thc droplets is used to put in your mouth under your tounge but does i make the bud better like if i wanted to vape it etc. or does the THC droplets on the bud have no effect
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    I doubt, heavily, this bud literally has had THC dropped onto it.:smoke:
    And what do you mean its used under your tongue?
  3. cool, your weed is laced with acid. you can smoke the weed and destroy the acid or put the weed under your mouth and waste the weed but trip balls. seriously...seriously
  4. Liquid THC getting dropped under the tongue. Don't even know if it exists.
  5. that would be awesome drip pure THC onto your tongue just make sure its THC and not LSD unless of course you do acid
  6. So...

    A tincture?
  7. If he's talking about putting drops from a tincture onto bud then I think that would be a complete waste. The active chemicals have already been through the decarboxylation process so I don't see the point of applying heat, I would think that it burn off the active cannabinoids but someone correct me if I'm wrong please.

    Also a lot of the time tinctures are made with alcohol so I would think that would start to leach the cannabinoids from the bud and probably some of the chlorophyll and other unwanted products.

  8. you can make a glycerin tincture. Wildwill has a guide to it
  9. i guess you can sort of call it a tincture its liquid sort of like hash oil but you put the droplet under neath your tounge :)
  10. Your friend probably means the trichomes. I suppose that would resemble 'droplets on the actual bud' and there's THC in them. He's just mis-understood on what they actually are.
  11. Waste of tincture...

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