THC detox advice needed

Discussion in 'General' started by archernater, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I've been smoking da herb pretty much all day every day for last couple of months. However I have some pretty important exams coming up in 4 weeks time.
    I'm looking for some advice on how to get the THC out of my system so I will perform better in my exams.
    Cheers guys :)
  2. Stop smoking right now. Exercise daily, and drink a lot of water.

    There you go.
  3. if you're not high, you're not high. just study.
  4. ^ This. Weed doesn't "make you stupid", "lower IQ" or any of this. If you thought it did then why they hell would you be smoking it? Most people smoke weed because of how safe it is, both physically and mentally, so if you were under the impression it wasn't, then why smoke it?

    If you're high you might do better in your exams or you might find it hard to concentrate, it depends on the person. However, if you're not high, you're not going to perform any differently to if you'd never smoked weed, and that goes for even if you smoked a fair bit the night before.
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but if I smoke in an all day everyday situation, eventually I get more spacey and a little bit slower.

    This of course goes away as weed doesn't cause any serious long lasting effects.

    OP: You should be fine with a few days off and the suggestions of water and exercise.

  6. I know weed does not lower your IQ in the long term. However if I sat an exam whilst high or had got high the night before, I wouldn't perform as well as I could of done, if I had a break from smoking for a length of time before the exam.
    If I were doing a creative subject then maybe getting a little high would help in the exam, but I'm doing a maths degree so I need a great deal of concentration to do the exams well.
    Maybe your one of the lucky people who's concentration levels are not to badly effected, but sadly I'm not.
    What I want to find out is the length of time in which my concentration levels will be back to normal and any measures I could take to speed up the process.

    Thanks for the advice, it was much appreciated :)
  7. Thanks for all your advice guys :)
    I've established that I'm ganna have to drink plenty of water, get some exercise and have a break from smoking prior to my exams.
    You all seem to have different advice about how long my smoking break should be. I guess it's up to me to judge that one, as the length of time seems to vary person to person.
    If any of you have any more advice, I would love to here it.

    Peace :smoke:
  8. :wave:fish oil +oatmeal....both will help your body get rid of thc helping burn off fat +absorption in digestive tract..also eat lots of fish ..salmon tuna ..etc especially on test days ..i had tuna sandwiches every day during exams =4.0 gpa also avoid sugars,simple carbs,caffine,.etc. as these will leave u with a crash + brain fog.have tuna on whole grain bread. + rep if this helps please:wave:

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