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THC Crystals

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Florol, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Is it possible to like take THC out of a bunch of weed and turn it into powder. So then you could snort it or something? lol
  2. Why not just shoot them up???

  3. yea but is it possible to make such a thing
  4. THC separated from weed = trichromes (kief). It already exists, kief is weed powder. You dont snort it, you smoke it like normal bud, but its concentrated.
  5. Yeah it's alcohol/fat soluble. There's none of either up your nose.....
  6. Says the guy with Ricky from TBB as his avatar...smoking works wonders already, why change something that aint broke?
  7. This is why you don't do drugs.
  8. Not sure if troll, or noob
  9. lol,
    not possible,
  10. Is it possible to take all the cheese out my nachos and just shove it up my ass? You know? Might taste better?
  11. Context:

    Take cheese off nachos, Snort it, Get cheesy taste from snorting.
    Take THC off weed, Snort it, Get high from snorting.

    Ive snorted a line of kief (very high THC percentage) for $100 bucks once... Didnt get me high, gave me the worst migraine. Never. Again.
  12. In theory it's possible if the thc is very very pure and very fine, but I don't know if there's thc small enough to diffuse into your blood stream through your lungs.

    It's why you smoke/vaporize it, so it can diffuse into your BLoODOododoODODOD and pass into your brain and has sex with your cbd receptors
  13. go sniff nose candy you noob , asking questions like "can you sniff thc" shows that weed isnt your thing.
  14. Idk why people can't just smoke the shit
  15. They are asking if it is possible. I would say snorting kief or thc will do absolutely nothing. I believe it needs a heat reaction of some sort but I'm not an expert, just a stoner.
  16. Fucking children wanting to snort weed so they can get higher.

    What the fuck.

  17. only a dumbass would do that. If you want to get as high as you can possibly ever get before dying then just a 1 hit of dabs. 99% thc straight to your lungs in 1 hit with the torch bong

  18. 1 dab won't get you as high as possible seeing as 1 dab is about 1 joint. And 1 joint isn't really much.
  19. Hey guys I know what OP's talking about...
    We were all 14 once...

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