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THC content

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Surfin, May 25, 2009.

  1. As I look through all the seedbanks, see all these strains, I wonder how legit the claims for THC content really is. I say this because I watched the videos on Greenhouse's site and in the beginning of the video it puts the stats of the plant, Arajans Haze 3 at 20% THC. If you scroll further down the page they have all these scientific data graphs and it says the plant is more like 13% THC.
    I ordered the Greenhouse seeds anyway as I think those genetics are really good, and I'm sure the bud is top notch. Do you guys think these breeders throw out numbers to sell the product or do you guys think they actually run tests to get the THC content?
  2. its going to vary from plant to plant, which takes into account the environment for each plant, etc, and genetic differences between plants (given that genetics are the main determining factor)

    I would say the only legit system would be relative terms...medium, high/strong, low, etc... some strains are inherently stronger than others, and that can be conveyed without 'specific' numbers.

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