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THC content of red hairs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrLebowski, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. So ive had a quarter of some pretty dank fluffy stuff with lots of red hairs chillin in my jar for a while, and a lot of hairs have accumulated at the bottom. Im thinking about making a fircracker and was wondering if i should include the hairs (is there THC on them)? Thanks
  2. SHAKE ftw
  3. Ya man look at those hairs under a magnifying glass and you can see that they are covered in trichomes (well if its dank that is). You should definately put them in a firecracker
  4. "Hairs" really have no THC value. They are simply the marijuana's ovules.

    You smoking puss. Weed Puss.
  5. well we have 2 unofficial conclusions in this thread.. which one is true?!
  6. I've always seen crystals on the hairs of decent up to dank bud.

    So I'd say smoke UP. :smoke:
  7. #7 vc77, Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2008

    I would love to disagree! They ABSOLUTELY contain THC.

    SEE WITH YOUR HUMAN EYES! Those small crystal-like formations are called trichomes! They attach to the flowers, hairs, stems AND leaves of the marijuana plant.


    Not to mention the fact I used to buy a 1/4 ounce of harvested hairs twice a year from a grower I knew a few years back. Tasted like roses and got me high as fuck.
  8. I've seen people get seriously escorted to the moon by taking hits of ONLY hairs.

    I mean, what's the worst that can happen if you smoke it, getting baked?

  9. just smoke them its not like its gonna hurt you...
  10. I've smoked bowls of nothing but red hairs and gotten RIPPED.
  11. I could've sworn I've read testimonies of people who saved for hair-only bowls and barely got high. Definately something I'll have to try some day.
  12. There is certainly a % of THC in hairs themselves, but it is significantly lower than actual bud. Therefore in theory it is possible to get high from smoking just straight hairs, but getting "ripped as fuck" is a tiny bit exaggeration and a tiny bit placebo.
  13. as long as tehres teh word "weed" infront of the word puss, SOUNDS DELICIOUS
  14. hey bro whats up? well iv'e herd many things when it comes to these red/brown hairs
    First it was red hairs= great but now im hearing that all that inclines is that the weed and or (herb) is dying... but im not too sure for myself* it would be nice if someone had something to say with scientific evidence to support their therory
    Honestly and Truthfully
  15. "Tasted like roses and got me high as fuck."
    lol... but how do roses taste?:D
  16. Whoa Tr3-0 i just figured out what kind of person you are, only by your post here. Thats what weed can do to ya.

    Well uhh on the bud iv got it seems like the shit with a lot of Red Hairs is pretty good. But i dunno for sure. :wave:
  17. They taste a lot like red hairs from cannabis buds.
  18. like pussy 
  19. if anything, pour some iso in there, shake it up and dump onto some parchment paper
    let it evaporate for a bit and smoke that bit of hash[​IMG]
  20. Seems like when I was a kid all the dealers would push the 'red hairs' thing...."Dude!  Look at all that RED HAIR!"
    Eh, personally I prefer to use my nose and fingers.  Nice smelly stuff that you can blot up from the table, like Play Doh.
    You know, when you open the bag and it smells up the room?  Does much more for me than any "hairs" ever could.

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