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THC content from a bubbler

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rastawiecki, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. I was wondering how much actual thc you get from a bubbler. My buddy broke my bong so I think i'm gonna stick with my bubbler and vaporizer for a while before I get a new bong. I know from bongs you get 70-75% of thc. and vaporizers you get over 90%. But ive been doing research online and couldn't find any useful info on bubblers.

    My question is what percent of thc do you get from a bubbler, is it like in the 50s or 60s percentage range.
  2. and how much do joints actually give you?
  3. just wondering the same thing =)
  4. it would be dope to know, cause i can't find it anywhere for bubblers
  5. Probably about the same as a bong I don't think there's an accurate chart.
  6. I'm not 100% sure about this but i think the main reason you get more thc from a vape is that you don't lose the any thc from smoke that escapes when using a bubbler/bowl/bong. When I'm smoking my bubbler or bowl I use a coin to cover the top of the bowl and close off the carb and mouthpiece. This helps to prevent oxygen from entering the pipe continuing the combustion process. By killing the cherry fast and effectively after taking a hit it won't burn as much. This is really helpful if you smoke alone or if you like to take time to chill between hits. You can't really do anything about a j or a blunt burning so that's why you won't get as much thc. I also think i saw on manswers a while ago that said joints are like 27%. bongs 75% and vapes 93%.
  7. Bubbler ~30-35%
    Joint~ 10%
  8. ya 35% for a bubbler seems acurate, at least for my bubbler cause its pretty nice, with thick glass etc., so it would be about half as much as a bong. Although bubblers you can taste the weed, take fat hits like a bong(if you do it right), and it gets you super ripped.
  9. These questions boggle my mind. You guys do realize that in any way of smoking you get as much THC as the smoke you inhale. Where do you think the rest of the THC would go? Would it disappear? Well anyways, everything boggles my mind after using my MFLB...

  10. So 9 joints equal 1 bowl vaporized?
  11. \\\

    much agreed...!

  12. Dude i know... 1-2 trenches with the MFLB gets me so baked but 1 joint gets me just as baked.

  13. ha, no.
  14. if you wanna get high off the least amount bud, get a vape.
    if you wanna get BLAZED get a bong/mini bong.
    anything else is not as good as the two above methods, except for portability or ease of use.

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