THC connects to Fat

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  1. As stupid as it sounds, if you had food with a high fat content in your mouth warm and you smoked, would the THC connect to that fat?
  2. Idk, but that's a good question. Lmao.
  3. I'm imagining you hitting a bong with a mouthful of lard
  4. warm lard
  5. the smoke is already in your body so why would it matter?
  6. i don't know man, but sometimes i like to slip a jolly rancher under my tongue and hit the bong..
  7. Not sure man, But sometimes I like to slip fingers in my butt while i hit the bong.
  8. It wouldn't work because it wouldn't be hot enough and you wouldn't be able to hold your breath long enough.
  9. an idea so crazy it just might work...oh look a cupcake:bolt:
  10. Who care's just smoke.
  11. it's an interesting question, and I care.

    It seems like interesting threads like these just get dismissed or troll posted to hell while the rest of the general section gets filled with nothing but utter crap and "omfg im so high" threads. this place is sucking HARD.
  12. I would think that it somewhat would. I've heard to not use cola or root beer or anything like that as bong water because the fat in it will steal some of the THC. I'm not 100% sure though.
  13. The fat food wouldn't be nearly as hot as it needs to.
  14. unless you could take the fat directly from Aretha Franklin's thighs as she's doing jumping jacks for the biggest loser, then just maybe the lard will be hot enough.
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    Cola and root beer doesn't have any fat. Piña Colada does, and that would be delicious
  16. fill a bong with some bacon hot bacon fat and let 'er rip.

    then drink the bacon fat and have a nice day.

    report as soon as possible.

  17. I just had a mini-puke in my mouth. :eek:
  18. mmm

    That was a little uncalled for...

  19. me too, i forgot to pout the "and" between bacon and hot
  20. It wouldn't matter if the fat from the food absorbed the thc because your body would still absorb the thc in the fat and make you high

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