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THC Capsules not working - What am I doing wrong??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vegangem, Feb 20, 2023.

  1. I'm going on a cruise next month and have decided to try capsules so I bought some at Trulieve a couple days ago. Sativa and Indica - 10 mg capsules
    I've been smoking for decades and consider myself highly tolerant. However, taking the 50 mg capsules seems a little daunting right now. So I wanted to try in advance of the trip.
    Not having much luck, or am I stoned and don't know it? I kinda like to know it...LOL
    So, I took a few yesterday but was also vaping a little. Today I made a determined effort to avoid all other methods so at 9 a.m. I took 20 mg of Sativa. Nothing noticeable. At 11:00, I took another 10 mg, still nothing noticeable. At 1:00 I took another 10 mg. That was about 30 mins ago.
    I've had 40 mg of Sativa and still feeling like my bitchy self. WTF?! Am I supposed to eat with these? not eat?.. I read one person said they let the thing dissolve in their mouth?! That doesn't sound right, but I want to enjoy my vacation and really counting on these - TIA
  2. try between 50 to 80 Mg I did 150Mg one time when i got out the hospital to stop the pain which i would rate a 8 from 1 to 10 ,, 10 being the worst,
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  3. heres a clue:
  4. Your either one of the lucky hard to stone or the edibles are crap. If dispensary edibles they are likely good enough and you need more. Much more.
    Start at 50mg.
    Wait 2 full hours
    Take 50mg more
    Wait another 2 full hours
    Take 100mg more
    Keep doubling and waiting until it works or you hit 1000mg and still don't feel it.
    Edibles are like an Acid trip... There is no "Am I stoned?"
    You should be to stoned to walk around in public. Thoughts of ripping your clothes off and running screaming down the street in your birthday suit flicker through your mind.
    Once stoned on Edibles toking can become hazardous as it boots the edible in the ass HARD and now your really hammered.

    You can get around this hard to stone symptom by making your own and using a 20% Lecithin to oil ratio. This boosts bioavailability and makes even hard to stone people like myself hammered past my comfort zone.
  5. Okay, I'm going to bump up the dosage and see what happens. I'll lay off the vapes and smoke as I won't have those on the vacay anyway - I'll be depending on these capsules. Thanks!
    I learned my Capsule making from this woman a bit over a decade ago when she was still active here on the City. Her high ratio of Lecithin to oil was the key I needed to open up the entire world of edibles in all their glory. I won't bother making edible oil if I don't have lecithin on hand.
    Hell I carry a small bottle of it when I travel so if I need to make a roadie edible I have what I need.
    A small bud, A pat of butter. a drizzle of Lecithin and some heat and I can whip up a killer quickie in less then 20 minutes.
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  7. So, in case anyone else has the same issue, here's what happened: Not much. The capsules are from a dispensary. I took enough to have 100mg per day. In advance, I took 100 mgs a few times and wasn't sure I got any effect, but I didn't want to spend the whole time swallowing capsules so I figured 100 was good enough to take the edge off. And there was alcohol. So that helped. And somehow I miscalculated because I ran out of capsules a day early. I guess I would do the same again. Kinda scary that after 100 mgs of THC, I had to wonder if there was any effect at all....
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