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THC blotter tabs?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Tombgreen, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Yesterday i was high and i was thinking to myself, what would happen if you boil weed. so i asked my friends and they said it would just boil into the air and it would be gone. so that is where my idea starts and this is how i would go about doing it.

    first i would boil water in a sauce pan or something bigger depending on how strong you want the blotters
    while you are boil the water get a sheet of thick paper or something maybe construction paper would work well.
    line the paper with the lid of the sauce pan so it wont fall and will be exposed to the steam.
    then the fun part throw in the green and as soon as u do that put the cover on and boil at a medium to low boil.
    cook for a very long time i would do it for a few hours to make sure that all the thc is absorbed into the paper.
    there u have it THC blotters and some canna-tea.

    things that probably will go wrong.
    it wont work/ it will work
    papper will wrinkle and fall into water/ tape paper taught all the way around using a heat resistant tape.

    i dont know much about this kind of stuff it was just and idea i had do you think it might work?
  2. thc is neither water soluble, or paper soluble. so it wouldn't work.
  3. Lol, thats a bad idea unless you don't mind wasting your weed.
  4. So much fail. Make oil and put it in gel capsules. THC pills d00d.
  5. haha thats the only thing about being high...u think u have an amazing idea and then u tell someone and u get shot down hard.
  6. Paper soluble? lol. You could infuse a piece of paper with some tincture or hash oil and let it dry, thats about as close to 'blotter' thc as you can get i suppose, atleast along the lines your talking about.

    THC solubility in water is .28g/100ml (Norml)

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    No other psychotomimetic pharmaceutical would be able to fit on a piece of blotter paper other than lysergic acid diethylamide at active doses. Also, as previously stated, delta-9 THC is not water soluble, meaning all you will end up with is wet cheeba. Even if infusion of hash-oil did occur (because a tincture is alcohol based, the acoho would dissolve the blotter paper), you would have to ingest many, many hash blotters. Plus, you would have to swallow all of them because delta-9 THC is not trans-buccaly active.

    Good Try Though.

  8. it wouldn't really be blotter unless it was tincture. which I have never used, but supposedly if made properly 1-2 DROPS gets your ripped, so if you used tincture blotter would work. but not be necessary imho
  9. Don't feel shot down man... it would be a good idea if it were feasible.
  10. Actually its stated in a Norml study that THC is very mildly soluble in water, here is an article about increasing THC solubility in water Question of the Day: Is THC Water Soluble? - Cannabis Forums Message Boards - Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club, Dispensary, News

    Ive never seen tincture dissolve a rolling paper, why would it dissolve a more fibrous blotter paper?

    I can name atleast 3 illicit chemicals off the top of my head that are small enough to fit on a blotter paper, not including lsd, as well as many of its analogues.

    Please go read the TiKal blog at erowid.org (hes a chemist, you may find some of the things he has to say enlightening)

    Have a great day!

    Indirect citations: erowid.org, norml.org
  11. I think he was referring to potency. No other drug is potent enough to fit a full therapeutic or recreational dose on a blotter. You'd need a whole sheet for most drugs if it were even viable.
  12. I know a guy who sells weak tabs, and they aren't LSD. They are 2c- something, and they do get you really high, although nowhere near as much as real acid.

  13. well regardless not only LSD, but most research chems (DO-x's, and 2C-x's) can be put on blotter, and are.

    but weed cannot.:eek:
  14. I meant recreational drugs... do people take those? I've never heard of them... but I'm more of an all natural guy. Weed and shrooms.

  15. Yes, since they are technically legal, theres lots of people who do them. Like I said, check out the TiKal and pihkal journals on erowid.org , they detail this extensivly. Personally I would never try any of them, just seems like a bad idea. Theres well documented effects from many of these chemicals, although they are technically legal many of them can be categorized as analogues and could therefore get someone in trouble.

    I would never reccommend taking any of these, just read some of the journal entries these people write about their experiences.


  16. 2c's can not be put on blotter the required threshold is far to large.
  17. tct2 can be put on blotter
  18. No it can't, it has a threshold of 5mg, light dose of 8-15, and common of 15-22.
  19. oh... my friend was sold a tab that he was told was tct2 and from his description of the trip i believed him.
  20. say u did waste a bunch of week with boiling it in water what would happen to the THC? would it evaporate or would it just stick tot he buds?
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