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THC and semen

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Dvorak, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Is there any correlation between THC consumption and the way semen tastes? My cum always tasted like... well, cum. I haven't tried it since I started smoking about a year ago, but my girlfriend now says that my cum tastes like mint. Since I have a piss-poor diet usually and I hurt my ankle so I can't run anymore for a while- if ever again-, is there a chance that my semen is so saturated with THC that it changed the taste? Can that even happen? I drink a lot of water everyday if it means anything.
  2. hold up did you say yu havent tasted your semen in like year?? :eek::eek:Bolt

  3. ...lolwut.
  4. Yes I've tried my cum before. And? Your point? It's bullshit to make a girl take a load in her mouth when you don't even know what it tastes like yourself.

  5. Lmao u e-sound so stoned, lol

  6. *leaves
  7. look all im saying is when i go down on a chick she should re-pay me just like if she went down on me id re-pay her i dont gotta taste my jizz in order to justify letting a girl give me head...
  8. Hmmmmmm.... No comment.
  9. Bolt
  10. While I've never tried nuttella of the bad kind, I could see it I guess?

    Anyway, I don't think that THC saturation levels in semen would make your jizzy taste like mint.
  11. DUDE!!!!....dude.....wow....like...really?

    dude...really? wow...man...dude...are you serious?
  12. :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  13. im glad i can find a good little qoute to quench my signature thirst every couple months on GC
  14. Gah, go figure. I should have known better than to trust the internet with science.
  15. i dont think thats where you went wrong, i think you went wrong trusting the internet not to laugh at a guy saying he eats his own cum... this thread is a win and not because of you, but because its hilarious
  17. Nope.
  18. this thread is ridiculous funny.
    what you eat might have something to do with how it tastes but smoking bud, i doubt it.
    anyhow. some people say that smoking seeds makes guys infertile.
    not true. to my great dismay, i have accidentally packed seeds in the bowl numerous times and was recently pregnant. as far as any other correlation between pot and love juice, not so much. :]
  19. The real question here is how do you know what cum taste like unless you have sampled someone else cum?

    Have you tasted your ball sweat as well?:laughing:

  20. wow lmao
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