THC and MEPS test

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  1. I have been clean for over 30 days. I was a moderate user. I was scheduled to go to MEPS last week and my recruiter had me take a urine test and said that the bottom line was somewhat faint, but he considered it passing but was afraid that it may not pass the MEPS test. He told me to sweat, run, etc. for a couple of days and then return. I went to a detox shop and told the guy what I was facing and he gave me some pills to take with Gatorade. I haven't taken them yet because I want to get a more accurate reading without them first. I took a home test and the second line is more visible but slightly broken, The Commander at the recruiting office told me he's seen people pass with less stronger scores. I'm supposed to go to MEPS tomorrow. Now I'm thinking I should just hold off until the second indicator is indisputably solid. I don't think the recruiting office would want to send me on if they felt I couldn't pass. Anyone's experience or thoughts?
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  2. I joined in '87, so the testing practices may have changed. But...

    I remember quitting a month before basic training, then getting there and kicking myself because a lot of the guys in my company had smoked right up before getting on the plane. The common knowledge was that they didn't care so much about before you began training as they did after.

    I wouldn't worry about it much. :GettingStoned:
  3. This is before MEPS, not basic. I've read so much and I was told that a hot test is immediate disqualification for enlistment.
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  4. I'd rather get high than worry about a meps test.
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  5. LOL.

    Back in my day, there were a few guys who actually had weed they brought into basic training. They had all kinds of tricks for getting it past theoretical dogs (never saw one) but could never figure out how to actually smoke it. You were never alone, or allowed to smoke cigarettes in public much less something that smelled like weed...
  6. Blow on your pee to cool it off and ask them how they feel about a warm test.


    Sorry. Not sure if my info is up to date enough for you.
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  7. It's all the same test. They will do the initial 5 strip piss test. If you fail that they send it to the lab to re confirm. if you pass with a faint line your good. I believe the cutoff is 50ng of thc so you could theoretically still have weed in your system and pass. 50 ng is next to nothing though
  8. Yup, you piss hot and it's an immediate disqualification. Good thing you let your recruiter know, let him know maybe you don't feel 100% yet for the test an see if he can push it back a month or 2. Or join the delayed entry program or DEP.

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  9. Thanks...I passed!
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  10. Good luck to you. The military did great things for me. Give em hell, and keep your head up and you will do great.

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