THC 510 Carts I have 3 vapes but curious about which can carts be used on

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  1. These are my vaporizers.

    MIGI Pro Mod by MigVapor Color

    Smok mag 225

    Baby V8 stick

    All of my THC cartridges fit when the Tank is out so I think that's 510
    The MIGI Pro Mod I know takes the THC Carts. I'm curious about the Smok Mag 225 and the Baby V8 stick. The Baby V8 stick doesn't have watt adjustments so I think that one is out.

    The Question at hand is Can I use the Smok Mag 225 with wattage set to 3-10 watts. what is the best wattage if this is possible cause this Vape is amazing would love to know if it can be cart friendly.
  2. You can use it; however, since it is a wattage adjustment battery, I would strongly advise you to keep it on the lowest setting and incrementally raise the setting to prevent blowing out the coil of a particular vape cartridge.

    Some vape cartridges are only meant for a certain amount of wattage so in the event you have it over the wattage of the said cartridge, if you go to smoke, it could inadvertently burn it out and the cartridge will be rendered useless.

    Been there, done that several times.
  3. The Mag 225 dont go lower than 6 watts. Is that too much to start with?
  4. Finally looked up your model and that’s probably strictly for vaping (non-thc liquids)

    don’t have much experience putting THc oil on those massive things, but hey maybe someone here has tried and will chime in
  5. your right. Just be patient until the MIGI Pro Mod gets here i ordered yesterday. It's not bad for 24$ and i used it before. Kandypens may be the "Best" But REDICULOSY priced. All I want is The MIGI PRO is a simple model 3 temp high output battery with a battery meter, hit counter, 3 temp settings and built like a tank. There are 2 color options for this 510 conceal battery from Mig Vapor. This is good enough for our usage right? Without a killer price tag. Price tags over 150$+ what does it do? Put you through college lol. migi-black-700x700.png migi-rainbow (1)-700x700.png
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  6. Now that’s next level tokin

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