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  1. Here you go critter, a good story about kids taht'll make ya smile.

    I was driving my 7 yr old son to a birthday party last week. We were in Mommas car because its the one with a CD player. I told him to grab a CD and put us on some tunes. He says he wants to listen to Creed. I'm thinking '7Yrs old and Creed already, watch out for Smokinikies' girls'

    So I tell him to pick up the black Cd with the 4 guys in spacesuits on the cover and go to track 5. He puts it in and cranks it up a little. "Is this better than Creed, Dad?" he asks. Just then Jimmy Page hits a lick and Robert Plant starts out with "whole Lotta Love". My son looks at the player and then at me and then back at the player.

    He sits back in his seat with a smile on his face and looks at the CD cover. With a grin a mile wide on his face He proudly proclaims that "Led Zepplin is a lot better than Creed"

    ....from the mouth of babes.
  2. You should play him Led Zeppelin 3 in its entirety.. And 1 and 2 and 4 and etc etc etc.
    Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band hands down for the majority of my life... My dad introduced me to them on vinyl when I was younger, and I was fascinated, and now as I get older I appreciate them more and more!!

    Led Zeppelin is DEFINITELY better than Creed :)
    And their music will live on in generations to come, it is such brilliant music, it is purely timeless!

    <- nerd (me)
  3. yes i most go with super like the only 16 year old black that listens to led zeppelin, the who, cream, jimi hendrix, rolling stones and floyd when im high.

    i have led zeppelin 1-2-4-phillical greaffit, but im going to get 3.

    P.S...........the hell with creed.
  4. when ya get # 3...
    get propa baked.. turn out the lights light some candles or something to that effect (more of a GIRL thing i know)
    and just listen to the whole album straight thru
    it's a trip, i mean it :)
  5. im going to get the album this week. and ill get a quarter ounce from a friend, i dont know all about the candle thing with my parents in the house but ill do it.
  6. for 13 seconds i was HUH...whered the 7 yr old find joan jett *huge smile, im kinda proud,
    it starts right of with the badass guitar thing...
    holy shit!!!! its brittny spears moaning out someof the was absolutley the Worst remake ive ever heard..infact i think its the worst song i ve ever heard the hooch try to moan
    my baby is a closet brittney listener...
    the only thing i can say in her defence is for some very odd reason she likes nirvona
  7. LOL

    Hey, you never know, at this rate she could cover Nirvana then your kid'll REALLY be in heaven :D :D :D
  8. i agree with all of you that Led Zepplin is one of the best...but i personally think Pink Floyd kicks ass! even more when stoned
  9. pink floyd, mmm. i agree, i fall asleep to pink floyd quite often and especially when stoned is it a treat to listen to them!
    a really awesome cd is the roger waters live cd from his past tour. he does an incredible job on old pink floyd songs ANd some of his original stuff is really good too. he's comin around again late this year i hear! fingers crossed and anticipating it if it's happening...
    wish you were here is "our" song (my bf and mine), and well shine... onn... you craazzyyy diamond.. is just the best every single drop of it..
  10. Forget the albums... Get "The Song Remains The Same" on dvd... Get ripped and watch that... It's their live '73 Madison Square Gardens show... Mixed in with a bunch of theatrical things they did in England and similar places... Castles, caves, beautiful scenery... Also, they recorded footage of them getting off the plane, and riding in their cars to the show... Through downtown New York... I've found a few scenes where you can see both World Trade towers... in 1973... That's pretty cool... Oh, and ofcourse... Bonzo's drum solo is innnssssaaaaannnneeee...

    "Leaves are fallin' all around... It's time I was on my way... But still i'm much obliged... Such a pleasant stay... But now it's time for me to go... The autumn moon lights my way... Now I smell the rain, and with it pain... And it's headin' my way... Sometimes I grow so tired... But I know about one thing i've got to do... Ramble on..."

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