thats a lot of shrooms

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. whoa........

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  2. hell yea but sweet as hell
  3. i want them in my mouth
  4. damn, who took a pic of my room?
  5. i think i just soiled myself
  6. around here, thats $50 bucks an 8th if it even come into town....... imagine the profit and fun of having all of that!
  7. That looks close to 10 - 15 lb not counting the zippy that looks like it has another lb in it.....

    an skreebly, where you live, haha ;)
  8. damn is that your room? are those yours??? damn thats a lot of shrooms...... r u a shroom dealer or something? dide u buy those or grow em???? damn... jesus crist thats a lot!!!

  9. I think he got the pic on line considering its captioned and everything...... few grand of mushrooms there.... :)
  10. Damn i'd be makin some baannkk if I had all of those shrooooms... :smoke:

  11. Its a picture from a police file.
  12. no its not.
    i've seen it before, its at Erowid in the mushroom vault. theres tons of pictures...and i remember very distinctly, it said 10 pounds. and yes, i could eat them all at once.
  13. We have a shroom field, but no one has gone because its been to cold. We use to go and come back with so many damn was the best

  14. I dont even think you could have all that in your body at once
  15. ROFL i remmebr when u said thats alot of acid and i was like now hes saying thats alot of shrooms lol aww man im fucked

  16. Whats with the twenty questions? Are you a cop? Are you gonna bust us? DO you live in a house or an apartment? Do you like cats? What grade are you in? DO you have a job? What's the name of the street that you live on? How big is you house? How many rooms does it have? What color is it? *lol*
  17. lololololololol am relaly stoned:)

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