That weird thing about time glancing..

Discussion in 'General' started by brownstain, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Everytime when I get up to use the go out, go over to use the john, or crash I always the time as \"7:11\" \"9:11\" \"3:11\" \"4:21\" \"4:20\" exactly. Happens on more than one occasion (at least 13 times or so). Though every time when the time struck right at \"4:20\" I thought I was born to be a high timer.

    sry if I don\'t have any pics (my bro took his digital camera over to college) but I also got some aroma dro yesterday, baked about gram 0.5 grams along with 1 gram of mids into a nice little cookie and ate it 3 hours ago...........i\'m higher than the cosmos folks.....i\'m not sure if i am typing in english. I\'m going to buy more later around thanksgiving so i\'ll have pics then
  2. Same thing happens to me when I see 24. I see it everywhere...
  3. i always see it at 12:34
  4. I always see 4:22, and think, \"Damn, I should be blazing right now.\"
  5. I have often noted this phenomenon in my daily life, and can explain it fully, and rationally as follows.

    We check our clocks frequently. Much more than we realize we do. It\'s only when a number, such as 4:20, elicits a memory associated with it do we take the time to realize what the time actually is. We take a moment and presumably think about this memory, also branding our brains with the memory of checking the clock.

    When you check the clock, and it\'s a time that isn\'t particularly noteworthy, it gets ejected from our short term memories. When we see a time that is associated with a memory, that moment is encoded into medium / long term memory because of this association.
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