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that weird thimg about your dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yaboi420, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. most of my dealers have had some weird thing about them. like my favorite dealer he has chroma disease and my backup is a ginger kid with glasses and is always paranoid about selling to people under16
  2. One of my dealers is a good friend. He's from my class and he started selling weed since he was in 9th grade and we even study at the same college.

    His car is always a mess and there's always shake in the car's floor. I've even seen entire nugs just lying there, mixed with bits of doritos and whatever else is in his car
  3. My dealer was neurotic as hell. He was a friend of a friend so we hung out and stuff but he is just too damn sensitive. Now a coworker picks up for me since my friends always have crappy connects
  4. Wiz Khalifa
  5. my dealer is always stoned
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  6. So are you saying you're under 16 OP?
  7. He's ALWAYS fucking late.
  8. my dealer is clearly white but he talks like hes black, but i mean in high school he was the blackest if someone called him white he pulled out some brass knucks and wooped ass
  9. He usually hangs out for a while because it looks bad to come in and bounce right away (neighbors).

    Every time he makes his one obligatory OUTRAGEOUS comment. They are usually hilarious. They range from fleshlights to thai prostitutes. Funny guy:smoke:
  10. my dealer doesnt shut up, but hes really nice and always goes out of his way for me so i dont complain
  11. My dealer is white but acts black, but he's a pretty cool guy. And he always wants me to smoke with him. So i guess that's a good thing. :)
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    nahh dude 19 I ride around wit him and he just isn't the same around a person under sixteen and someone who is
  13. I go through dealers as much as I change my underwear because where I am they seem to come and go and nothing is reliable.

    Reliability, changes in weights etc keep making me fluctuate.
    Every time I give them another chance I'm waiting all day for a
  14. well supposedly my dealer gets a disability check for mental retardation. I don't believe it though. One of my friends knew him and told me, but I was like he may be dumb, but if there's one thing he knows well, it's weed! lol
  15. my dealer weights about 300 pounds, is obsessed with ghostbusters and just got finished dating at 18 year old girl.. Hes like 30...
  16. My last dealer was a Mormon....
  17. my dealer is a 58 year old lady. swear to god no lie
  18. ha haa ive always wanted to have an old lady dealer. :)
    My dudes just really loud. like really. and he talks kinda funny.
  19. My dealer sells nike shoes online for money and funds off broadway plays. He's also driven around by a a 400 pound Iranian dude who loves to show people his gun cause he doesn't speak english and it's his translation of "don't fuck with me", like I ever would....
  20. my dealer refuses to sell bud on sundays and holidays

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