That was so sketchy

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  1. Oh man last night was wicked sketchy, I was getting blazed with a couple of friends before going to a fair yesterday (2 of my friends were smoking with me the other two weren't) and after we had gotten back into the jeep and were driving there our driver says "oh fuck theres a cop behind us with his lights on"
    I turn around and don't see anything for a second but then bam i see the cop.
    I was wicked sketched out, three of us reeked of weed and we had a backpack that was packed with weed (and a loaf of banana bread). So we slow down and pull over and we're thinking we're so fucked. But then the cop just speeds on by. Either way holy fuck, I was so fucking scared. I mean... we were so fucking lucky. Then after having a blast at the fair we pile in the jeep at 10:30 and start heading home when the same damn thing happens again! another cop pops up behind us, turns his lights on, we slow down and he flies past us. I can't believe the same damn thing happened twice. So fucking scary.

    On another funny note, when i was at the fair me and my pal tj who got stoned too decided to ride this one crazy spinning ride that has one of those seats that have a tendency to cup check you. Either way the guy who operated this ride put mine on a bit loose and I repeatedly slid forward about 4 inches and got a nutshot about 20 times in a row and tj kept hitting his head against the headrest (and he recently just got gauges for his ears). It was a whole other world of pain.
  2. hah after the cop turns on his lights i woulda slapped that puppy in 5th gear n DIPPP

  3. Lol in a Jeep?

    Your gonna have to drop that bitch into 3rd and pray to god.

    You aint getting away ... in a jeep. Your gonna need a bit more speed than that.
  4. die tryin :cool:

    lol i didnt read the story very well and didnt know it was a jeep
  5. yeah that jeep never woulda made it, it's spedometer maxes out at 85

  6. then hope and pray the cop hadn't filled his tank
  7. DUDE same thing happened to me yesterday. Me and my friends were rollin around in me jeep liberty with our own personal joints high as fuck:smoking: Then out of no where we see a fucking cop with his lights on behind me. I immediately eat my joint, my friend puts his in the ice cream cone he was eating lol we thought we were fucked. so we pull over and he just flies past and later down the road we see him pulled over with his lights off just talking to another cop :confused: we think he may have been fucking with us it was weird oh and it was the k9 unit so if he woulda pulled us over we were fucked

  8. uh... I'd imagine he would wanna drop a gear to get more acceleration first :rolleyes:

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