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  1. I'm a senior in high school and yesterday I was going to buy a scale for $40 but my friend offered to sell his to me for $25. This was at school and was definitely not a good idea, but he had no other way to get it to me besides school. Throughout the day i'm a little nervous and all as anyone would be. I was holding a pack of cigs for a friend that knew she was going to get searched, so for some reason in class she wanted the cigs back. But I demanded that I should give them to her after class. But during a small break in teaching she walks over after her presentation and I handoff the cigs. I tried not to let anyone see, but this snitch saw and reported her to the office after class. The girl who had the cigs was already on probation and was in a halfway home. She met with the principal and her probation officer and is now going to jail for some time when she turns 18. The principal knew that I had given her the cigs. I was told this during a fire drill today 8th period and got really paranoid that I was going to get searched. A soon as the fire drill ended, I tried to get back to class as soon as I could to put the scale somewhere. I ended up being the first one into the class and put the scale in between some math books in a shelf. Heart racing all class and eventually time ran out. THANKFULLY did not get searched. After class snagged the scale and went on with my day. YES.
  2. haha damn your school must be sketch as fuck.

    mine isnt like that at all snitches learned to keep their mouth shut. shit half the school is high as hell after lunch since we get to go off grounds lol
  3. Hope you learned your lesson about bringing shit to school...

    But killer man, glad you made it out ok...

    one last question, I'm probably just confused... is that girl going to jail because of the cigarettes?

    P.S. Sorry- one more, what the hell kind of 18 year old snitches to the principal about cigarettes??
  4. The girl has gotten 3 underages and a terroristic threat or some shit. She just got off of house arrest but it's school rules to not bring any drugs into school. Tobacco counts as well.

    Nah dude, it was a sophomore that was in the same class. But still, fuck the snitches.
  5. Off-grounds for school? Wow, we would of been expuled for such a thing

  6. Dude... they let you... LEAVE SCHOOL FOR LUNCH?


    Some day that kid will know how truly lame they are.
  7. yeah its awesome. everyone except the freshman get to go off grounds.

    we get off grounds pass stickers n shit on our ID cards. we usually mob out to the parking lot and drive to my homies house toke up, make some hot pockets or something, and then head back. or we high ride it to taco bell or mcdonalds lol

    i get high as fuck at lunch too cause my 5th period teacher doesnt care if i smoke before class.

  8. Why didn't my parents raise me in California? Whyyyyyy (Nancy Kerrigan- Style scream)

    I always blaze before school, but I also always wish I could toke halfway through the day... the only thing that would be better than that would be if you could smoke in class... ah that would be so great. I would love to be able to listen to a lecture while grinding, rolling, and smoking a J.
  9. i am envious
  10. The best part is my 5th period is my TA period (teacher assistant) all i do literally is sit there hella loaded. literally.
  11. Did she threaten the school for real? Or was it just some more school bullshit?

  12. She did it over Facebook or something, she's stupid.
  13. not trying to be judgemental but are you hanging out with a girl who threatened to bomb/shoot up your school?

  14. I don't hang out with her, I was just doing her a favor...But she threatened some girl over Facebook not the school.

  15. Yup, 5,6,7th period everyones high and then school gets out.

    Then it's 8th period, and they call it 8th period not because it comes after seven...

    Love you california.
  16. hahaha definitely gotta have that after school session. i only have 6 periods though

  17. I have seven just because I take a class at 4:00 two days a week at school because it's a fun class.

    We burn hard before it.
  18. Damm chronicman, i got t.a 5th too. shit's a bitch for me though. I'm in the Assistant principal's office and man they would get me in a quick second. Sux. :mad:
  19. lol school was great for me i was never snitched on

    highschool being the oldest kid and biggest in all classes no one would rat on me

    best thing i liked if a kid didnt like me they will tell my friends first then they would tell me then id bitch the kid out.

    fun times.

    but your school is against smoking? gr.10+ where i went to school = allowed to smoke on school grounds
  20. wait... if i was reading correctly earlier some people aren't allowed off school grounds at lunch? thats proposterous. at my high school we have grade 8-12 and even the eighth graders can leave whenever they want.

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